Cornerstone Community Action Agency in Central Texas assistance programs.

The best way to learn about local resources for residents of Central Texas is from the United Way 211 service. The organization helps those who are impoverished and struggling to make ends meet. The goal is to help people be independent and free from poverty. Although there is not a lot of financial aid available, there may be some forms such as medications and applications for energy bill assistance. Other help is given for educational purposes.

Case managers from different community action agencies support people in several counties. They are the Texas Counties of Bastrop, Blanco, Burnet, Caldwell, Fayette, Gonzales, Hays, Lee, Llano, and Williamson. Other churches, charities, and non-profits in the area can be found through referrals.

This agency provides many different programs to help low-income men, women, and children. This assistance is necessary and greatly appreciated. The CEAP is a resource available to eligible residents of Hays, Caldwell, and Blanco counties that provides assistance with energy costs.

If you qualify, you can get help paying your utility bills and repairing your heating and cooling units. You can also get educational help on how to use energy more efficiently.

You may be able to get help to buy a portable air conditioner or heater. This is also a service that is offered by the program. Low-income households with high energy use will be given priority. The disabled, elderly, and young children are often the most vulnerable members of society and thus require extra care and support. All applicants who are eligible need to fill out the application.

San Marcos Electric Utility provides help to families that make a low income, elderly people who have a set income, or disabled people who have a set income. The Small Business Emergency Relief Fund is funded by the City of San Marcos, Texas. This is for San Marcos Electric Utility customers only.

The assistance includes help with paying for the electric and water/wastewater bill for one month. You can get this help twice a year, every six months. An application must be submitted. The program’s application period begins in October and ends in September of the following year.

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Pedernales Electric Cooperative is an organization that provides electric services to Central Texas Community Action Agencies. The programs offered by the Hays, Caldwell, and Blanco County residents are designed to provide assistance and support. Clients who meet the income requirements set by the Federal government Poverty Income Guidelines may enroll in the program.

The organization has a Household Priority Rating Form to help them screen and determine who can apply. The CEAP program is not open to applicants who do not meet the eligibility criteria. Electricity payment assistance is part of the service. You may be eligible for up to $500 in assistance per year, depending on available funding. The program’s application period begins in January and ends in December of each year.

CTPHC provides medical care services at a reduced price or for no cost to low-income men and women. The applicant’s family income must be between 25% and 150% of the Federal Poverty Level. The services offered are: -A limited number of prescriptions -A limited number of medical visits -Dental care -Free health screenings -Monitoring of blood pressure and blood sugar -A health risk profile -Referral services -Preventive health education

The Prescription Assistance Program provides financial assistance to eligible uninsured residents of Hays County Texas. The program provides assistance by utilizing the free prescription services operated by the major pharmaceutical companies. These companies offer free or reduced-cost prescription drugs to people who cannot afford them. The number of options is very large. There are several patient assistance programs that are available for qualified clients. These programs are free and can help with various needs.

The program works with local doctors to see if patients are eligible for the program, and then makes appointments for them. In order to confirm that patients are receiving their medication, appropriate pharmaceutical company applications with the patients’ information are required. The patients are contacted when it is time to reapply to the pharmaceutical companies.

The Senior Citizens facility in San Marcos Texas helps the elderly by providing resources that improve their quality of life, support their independence and encourage their involvement in the community. The program’s goal is to help elderly and seniors become more self-sufficient by doing things together that are enjoyable and interesting to them. The organization provides opportunities for members to participate in field trips, workshops, and crafts activities. Additionally, it offers low cost health screenings and information about referral to other social services agencies. The staff can help you finish government forms and applications.

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The Rural AIDS Services Program provides assistance and case management for HIV positive individuals. The residents of Bastrop, Burnet, Blanco, Caldwell, Hays, Llano, and Williamson counties in Texas are provided with assistance. Other services that may be provided by case managers include transportation to physician visits, medical and dental appointments, financial assistance for housing, utilities, free food, prescriptions, and radiology services.

The Cornerstone Community Action Agency provides case management services that assesses an individual’s needs and connects them with medical and social providers. The agency also provides access to the Texas HIV Medication Program. This means that if you need help paying for something, there is financial assistance available to help you cover the costs. This can include things like prescriptions, x-rays, specialist physician services, and mental health counseling.

Low-income clients are entitled to emergency food vouchers and financial assistance for housing costs, such as utility bills. The center also provides transportation to medical and dental appointments for clients who lack transportation or are too ill to drive.

The Head Start Program is a government program that has been providing assistance to low-income children and families for many years. The program helps a lot of kids in different places in counties like Hays and Caldwell.

The goal of Head Start is to help children learn and grow in a safe environment. This program also helps parents learn how to be better role models for their children. It is important for children to have supportive parents because they are their first teachers.

For those who qualify, Head Start provides support services to the whole family, allowing them to grow. The program helps children grow and succeed with the help of parents. Many Head Start parents and families have learned new skills that have helped them get jobs and education. Head Start provides resources to help low-income families and their children achieve their goals.

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There is assistance available if you have disabilities, are in need of mental health services, need help with educational or family matters, or need help with engagement in the community.

Education assistance is also offered for adults and teenagers. The Central Texas GED program is a service offered by Community Action Agencies that helps adults earn their General Educational Development Certificate. The GED is obtained after completing and passing several subtests. The tests cover topics like Science, Language Arts-Writing and Reading, Social Studies, and Mathematics (which includes using a scientific calculator).

Both EL Civics and ESL classes are offered as part of Adult Education Program services. These sessions and workshops help students improve their English language skills by practicing listening, reading, speaking and writing. EL Civics classes cover topics like American history, government, and the United States Citizenship test. They help people learn what they need to know to become citizens. The goal is to gain the knowledge and skills needed to be involved and informed parents, employees, and citizens.

The Career Pathways for Central Texans program provides employment services to those who are unemployed or looking for new skills. The organization will provide education and training opportunities for adults to help them pursue careers. The purpose of the program is to help participants transition into occupational certification programs, college credit programs, and the workforce. The program offers services to help you plan your career, get financial aid, get training for work, and get ready for college. They also help you with college itself, once you’re there.

Applying for assistance from Cornerstone Community Action Agency

There will be more than one location in Central Texas. If you need help or want to apply for assistance, call 211.

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