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Covington, Alleghany, Rockbridge, Bath Salvation Army assistance programs.

There are several programs available to assist low income individuals and families in overcoming their struggles. The Salvation Army provides resources and assistance to residents of Covington, Alleghany County, Rockbridge, Bath, and other areas. Some of what may be provided for people in need in Virginia includes a meal, food from a pantry, housing, shelter, and information on public assistance programs. The social services offered are very varied and cover a lot of different areas. Case managers work with people who may be struggling financially or who are unemployed. They help these individuals by providing resources and support.

The food pantry and soup kitchen offer a way to get a hot meal or a bag of groceries when someone is in a crisis. If you are able to, please donate or volunteer. In the Alleghany highlands, special holiday meals are served to residents.

If your energy bill is too high and you are at risk of having your power shut off, there are programs that can help. This includes assistance with winter heating oil, fans during the summer, and summer electric and cooling bills. You may be able to get help with your water bills too.

Housing programs include assistance with rent, lodging, and case management. I need to find an apartment or long-term housing option in the Rockbridge, Botetourt, or Covington region. There are programs to help homeless people that can give them a place to stay or vouchers to stay at hotels.

The Salvation Army thrift store has a variety of things that can be useful for people in different situations. For example, they have suits that would be good for a job interview, children’s clothes, school supplies, working clothes, and furniture assistance. The low income may receive a voucher or certificate so the goods are offered at a reduced price.

Other social services in Virginia include: – Prescription assistance – Christmas food boxes – Toys for children – Drug & alcohol rehabilitation

Referrals are an important service as well. The Salvation Army has many partner churches, non-profit agencies, and organizations in Rockbridge and Alleghany that help provide resources and support to those in need.

Disaster Services are available to help people who have been affected by a disaster. The Salvation Army is a religious organization that helps people in need. They respond quickly to areas in Virginia that need help. This can include providing food in an emergency, hot meals, shelter, and also spiritual and personal counseling.

Clients will need to participate in Case Management. This means that the service is necessary and is part of many of the programs at The Salvation Army of Covington. Social workers or case managers help people who are struggling financially or have other needs. They assess the person’s needs and help connect them with resources that can improve their situation. Some of the additional case management services can help clients get assistance with utilities, rent or lodging expenses, medical services, food, gently used clothing, and other needs.

Christmas assistance is a program that helps people have a happy holiday by giving them gifts and food. This includes programs such as the Salvation Army’s red kettle program. This money will go to helping families who need it, seniors, and the homeless.

The Salvation Army is a great organization that helps a lot of people in need. If you are able, please consider donating to them. Your donations help families in need by providing them with Christmas dinners, gifts, clothing, winter coats, and toys. This means that there is more financial assistance available during the Christmas holidays to help with things like paying for basic necessities, as well as additional help for things related to the season. Families with prisoners and the homeless are often included.

Social workers and volunteers in Covington, Virginia also deliver meals and gifts to people who are unable to leave hospitals or nursing homes. The centers can also be used for more formal sit-down dinners.

Each year, Angel Tree provides Christmas gifts for millions of children who might otherwise go without. The Salvation Army can give out new toys, gifts, clothing, and even Christmas stockings to needy children. Older people can also benefit. To participate in the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program, simply take an ornament from a participating Salvation Army tree, purchase the toys or gifts listed on the ornament, and return the items to the same store where they picked their angel, or to a local Salvation Army center. Many businesses participate in the Salvation Army program, such as K-Mart and Wal-Mart in Craig County.

Thrift stores are places where people can donate used items like clothing, furniture, and other goods. These items are then sold to the public, usually at a lower price than what you would find at a regular store. The money made from selling these items is often used to support a cause or charity. Some items are free for people with low incomes and others are sold at lower prices. The money that is made from the Virginia Family Stores is used to help pay for other programs that provide social services.

There are several Salvation Army locations in the area. They help people in Alleghany, Botetourt, Craig, Bath, Rockbridge, and Covington. The offices below are included. If you are looking for a place to stay, you can either call for referrals or see if there is a location closer to you.

The address is 149 North Maple Avenue, Covington, VA 24426 and the phone number is (540) 962-0209.

The main phone number to dial for 502 Main Street in Clifton Forge, VA is (540) 862-7440.

The address is 5511 Williamson Road in Roanoke, Virginia. The Salvation Army can be contacted by phone at (540) 563-5585.

The main number for 1125 Roanoke St, Christiansburg, Virginia is (540) 394-3233.

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