Dale County Alabama Salvation Army emergency help.

The Dale County Salvation Army center provides assistance through various programs. Some of these programs include providing food, clothing, and other necessities to those in need. They also offer financial assistance and counseling services. The resources we have are limited, but we have set them up in a way to help the most vulnerable people in our community. Assistance refers to help or support that is given to someone in need. This can take the form of financial aid, material goods, or services. Some of the key application criteria for the Dale County program are noted below, as well as the contact information.

Emergency financial help from Dale County Salvation Army

Emergency Financial Assistance is a service for families who are low income, under employed, or working poor. This service can help with things like food, rent, utilities, and other basic needs. If people are at risk of being homeless or losing their electric/heat service, then they need to be helped. The Dale County Salvation Army may help with rent for those who are in danger of eviction or provide help with energy bills. This means that employees will have to contribute a large portion of their pay towards their own bills.

The Dale County Salvation Army Thrift Store offers free vouchers to families in crisis, such as those recovering from a natural disaster. This voucher can be used to pay for new clothes, bedding, sleeping bags, shoes, linens, jackets, couches, tables, and other household items. This means that the severity of the loss will dictate how much grief the person experiences.

Other clients of the Salvation Army can also be given a voucher for free clothing and furniture as part of the Assistance program. Other people will also use the app to shop at a local thrift store. There are many services available to help those who have experienced domestic violence, immigrants, people leaving an institution such as a hospital and job seekers. These services can include financial assistance, counselling, legal support and more. This will help the person to become independent again. Some examples of how the Salvation Army can help people in need are by providing them with new furniture, work clothes, or vouchers.

The Salvation Army in Dale County, Alabama provides food assistance to families and homeless individuals through a food pantry and soup kitchen. If you live in Dale County, Alabama, you can get a small amount of free food that doesn’t go bad. The soup kitchen is also available. The Mission provides meals for the homeless and shelter guests, but anyone can come in for a meal.

The client choice food pantry is used to supplement what a household buys. The Salvation Army food pantry is not a long term solution for ending hunger. Some people in Dale County will be given groceries from the Salvation Army so that they can make food that is good for them.

During the holidays, a warm meal is served. This meal is typically Thanksgiving or Christmas food. The resource is available to anyone who requests it. There are no income requirements, religious beliefs or criteria in place to receive a holiday meal from the Salvation Army. There may also be boxes of food given out.

Additional Social services

This program provides children in need with essential items such as free Christmas gifts, clothes, toys, shoes, notebooks, and personal items. Backpacks and electronics go together. The Salvation Army partners with local businesses and churches in Dale County to provide Angel Tree sites or collect surplus school supplies for students.

In order to provide these services, donations are necessary. Any person or business can bring new school supplies or toys to any location in Dale County. Gift cards and boxes of food are also in high demand. There are many people who rely on help from others during holiday or back to school season. This includes children from families in poverty, disabled citizens, single mothers and senior citizens.

The Dale County Salvation Army Family Store is a low-cost Thrift Store. The charity accepts donations of furniture, computers, appliances, clothing, electronics, winter coats, and more. The Salvation Army provides families in need with vouchers for affordable prices on items, or emergency assistance as needed.

Applying for help

The Salvation Army center in Dale County, Alabama is located at 1177 Andrews Avenue in Ozark. For more information, please call the office at (334) 445-3070.

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