Dane County Foreclosure Prevention Program.

A new program to help Dane County residents delay and stop foreclosures has been launched. The Dane County Foreclosure Prevention Taskforce (DCFPT) designed a program with three working groups. They include stopping violence before it starts, intervening to stop violence that is happening, and stabilizing the situation afterwards.

The Dane County Foreclosure Prevention Taskforce was created in 2009 by a partnership of non-profit agencies, government organizations, and other agencies. They are working together to solve the foreclosure problem in Madison and Dane County. A group of volunteers are working together to help homeowners, prevent foreclosures, offer mediation, and stabilize neighborhoods one home at a time.

There are three parts:

This group will be giving out counseling and advice to homeowners who are in distress, including a resource guide with local resources. They will help people who want to do something about their mortgage problems and find ways to improve their situation. The advice given will cover what to do if you are behind on your mortgage, how to negotiate with your lender, and how to protect your legal rights throughout the foreclosure process.

The Intervention Committee is focused on providing support to the University of Wisconsin Law School’s Consumer Law Clinic, and the committee and the law school will be establishing a foreclosure mediation program in Dane County. The mediation assistance program, which is based on a model implemented in Milwaukee, will be in place in early 2010. Mediation is a process where both lenders and homeowners can come together to discuss and find solutions to mortgage problems. This may include loan modifications.

The Stabilization Committee is responsible for helping local nonprofits and other agencies repair, rehabilitate, and repopulate foreclosed homes. The stabilization committee will work with the South Central Realtors Foundation, lending institutions and other local groups to identify funding sources and begin implementing programs.

The task force can be contacted at [email protected]. The taskforce will be holding various workshops that will assist homeowners with identifying the root cause of their mortgage problems, they will advice and counsel them, help evaluate the homeowners financial positions, provide options and alternatives to a foreclosure, and find ways to lessen the impact of a foreclosure if there are no other options.

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