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Darke County assistance programs.

There are a number of different non-profits, charities, and government programs available to help low income earners, the working poor, and others in need in Darke County and Greenville Ohio. These programs can provide assistance with rent, bills, and emergency aid. Below is a comprehensive list of organizations and the corresponding details on the assistance programs they offer.

Rent help as well as funds for energy bills

Community Unity, located in Greenville, provides resources to qualified individuals. These resources include access to food, housing, and employment. You can get free food from the local food pantry by contacting them. The agency can also help with utility and heating bills for families and individuals who are struggling financially or are at risk of having their service disconnected.

The Darke County Salvation Army may have limited funds to help people who are local and visiting the area who are in need. The purpose of emergency cash grants and funds is to assist individuals and families with unanticipated expenses. This may include money for gas, travel expenses, and other items that would help the individual or family in need. For more information about the community action agency, please call the phone number listed below.

Prescriptions and medical assistance

This is a program that provides financial assistance for medical emergencies. This program may be able to help cover the cost of health care expenses and bills for those who cannot afford them. For example, learn about how to get help with prescription drugs, assistance for a certain number of limited medical procedures, and other medical emergencies. If you are a Family Health patient, you can call 937-548-3806 to get help. For all other patients, you can call 937-548-4196.

Community Action Partnership of Darke County

This non-profit agency provides services to Darke County Ohio, Greenville, and the greater Dayton area. The American Association of Retired Persons is a great resource for seniors. They offer many different programs to help seniors, including financial assistance, advice, and counseling services.

There is a clothing center located in the basement of the facility in Darke County. We accept donations of clothing, appliances and usable household items for resale. People who earn a low income and families may be able to get vouchers four times a year for free clothes that have been donated.

If you’re in an emergency or crisis situation, you may be able to get a cash grant of up to $175 to help with your heating bill. This program is called the Winter Crisis Program.

If you’re struggling to pay your rent, mortgage, or utility bills, you may be able to get help from the government. The emergency aid program was created to help people keep their homes by preventing evictions and foreclosures, and by providing assistance with utility bills. The goal of Homeless Prevention is to keep people in their homes by providing the necessary assistance to avoid eviction. This program is not a charity, and people are expected to be able to resume making payments after they receive help. There are programs in Ohio that can help with mortgage payments.

The Summer Crisis program helps income eligible elderly households or customers with household members who have medical or health care conditions to pay for summer cooling bills. Cash grants are available to help with these costs.

The Weatherization program helps people make their homes more energy efficient and conserves energy. The goal is to help reduce energy use and lower heating bills by reducing air infiltration and heat loss in homes. Residents of Greenville, Ohio may be eligible for free home improvement services that can make their homes safer, lower their energy bills, and make them more comfortable and energy efficient.

Call the Community Action Partnership of Darke County at (937) 341-5000 to inquire about applying for help.

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