Assistance Program

Dayton Power assistance programs.

If you are Dayton Power customer with low income and struggling to pay your bill, or if you are at risk of disconnection, you can explore payment plans, government assistance, and other billing programs. Don’t hesitate to call Dayton Power if you’re struggling and need help. They’ll be able to assist you and provide a solution.

Budget Billing is a way to average your monthly energy costs. This may help if your energy usage varies throughout the year, and you would like to have a more consistent monthly energy bill. This can allow all customers to have a more stable energy bill throughout the year, without having to worry about large spikes during summer and winter. This is a great option for people who cannot afford to live on a variable income. This means that anyone can join or participate.

The program will help customers by giving them a set price for their monthly Dayton Power bill, which will make budgeting easier and help households gain stability. Customers who sign up for budget billing will have their payments determined by their past energy usage. The amount of money charged for something can be changed over time to match changes in weather conditions or how often it is used. If the budget amount needs to be changed, it will be done after the winter season so that there is not a large annual adjustment on your account in August. As long as you keep your account up to date, you can sign up.

One option for resolving the crisis is to create a payment plan. Dayton Power representatives can sign people up for these programs. Your payment history, amount due, and ability to pay your bills will affect how much you need to pay. This is only for residential customers who meet the qualifications.

The Dayton Power and Light Bill Assistance Fund is an option for people who are struggling to pay their energy bills. This fund is available to people who have already received state of Ohio Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) funds and who meet federal government low income and/or poverty guidelines. Some financial aid programs are available to help people pay their electric bills and avoid getting their service disconnected. Customers who meet certain qualifications may have access to additional plans or resources.

Dayton Power works with local community action agencies and non-profits to provide funds to those who qualify. The goal is to keep your utilities from being shut off, especially during the winter or hot summer months.

If you need help with medical expenses, there is financial assistance available. If someone in your family or household has a serious medical condition and is receiving health care for it, If you are having difficulty paying your energy bills, DP&L may be able to provide you with financial assistance. The applicant must provide proof of their condition, as well as certification from a clinical nurse specialist, licensed physician, physician assistant, certified nurse practitioner, local board of health physician, or certified nurse-midwife. If you are eligible, you may be given an extra 90 days to pay your energy bill.

The Ohio Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus is a way to pay your taxes. Refinancing your mortgage will help make your monthly payments more affordable by giving you a lower interest rate. It will also help pay off any unpaid bills from the past. This means that if you make your payments on time and in full, you will be offered this. DP&L also offers the Graduate PIPP Plus, which can help people during a transition.

The Summer Crisis Program helps low-income families pay for air conditioning and cooling bills during the hot months. The applicant’s household must include a member who has a medical necessity or who is at least 60 years old. This is a service that helps people in the Dayton, Ohio region who are struggling with their finances.

The Winter Home Energy Assistance Program offers assistance with heating bills. The size of the grant and the amount of financial assistance given out will vary depending on the type of fuel you need, the number of people in your household, and your total household income.

If you cannot pay your monthly heating bill or have less than 10 days of heating oil left, you may be eligible for emergency assistance. DP&L customers can get help with paying for the repair of a heating system, or funds can be paid out to restore service for up to 30 days.

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