Decatur area churches emergency programs.

Several churches in the area have a Benevolence department that helps low income people in Montgomery and Limestone County. Some residents of nearby towns can apply. The case management process can help with things like bills and rent, as well as provide advice to stabilize the client. The people that can be supported come from many backgrounds and may not have a job or may be retired and living on a set income. If you need help, you can also go to your local Church Of Christ.

Referrals to financial support

This program is for people who are struggling to pay their rent or are at risk of losing their home. This is a program that provides a combination of guidance and possible financial support.

To receive a grant for rental or mortgage costs, the resident’s issue must be a one-time crisis. The applicant needs to have a plan for how they will support themselves in the long term, as well as a reliable source of income. They need to be able to afford future housing payments without help.

Some churches in Decatur offer counseling services. This will be some form of guidance from staff who have been professionally trained. They will offer help with finding an apartment and entering into a payment plan, as well as other support services.

Volunteers can help by delivering meals to people’s homes. Meal services like this one are created to offer affordable, cooked meals to those who cannot do either themselves due to being homebound. People with disabilities, those with temporary medical conditions, and senior citizens in Decatur, Alabama may be eligible for client services. The client of this affordable service not only receives a hot, nutritious meal, but they are also contacted throughout the week by the person who brought them the food.

Other people who live in the area can go to the Church Of Christ food bank to get food. This site does not offer deliveries of items, but it can still provide food in an emergency, such as breads, pasta, and similar items. There are limits to the hours and number of times someone can use the site.

A clothing allowance is provided when you need to buy clothes for work or school. During the winter, Coats Because We Care will help keep people warm by passing out free coats and other winter gear. This app can help people who have been affected by a fire or a flood. This means that you can get affordable clothing from local thrift stores and clothing banks. Applicants will need to provide proof of income and additional documentation.

This means that you can get a voucher for non-pain prescription drugs from this organization. This assistance is provided to those who cannot afford insurance and have low incomes when no other payment options are available to them. This campaign is also geared towards families who have a medical condition. The Church Of Christ requires verification from a doctor of emergency need for the medications, as well as proof of income, in order to provide some of this aid in partnership with Decatur General Hospital.

The Christmas Toy Give-Away is a program available from a Decatur Church Benevolence department congregation that provides toys for children in need. This organization provides toys, games, or meals to families with children under the age of thirteen. There is a day where volunteers help those who are less fortunate.

There are other programs that can help with things like weatherization and energy assistance if you need it. The Emergency Food and Shelter Program is a national program that provides funds or loans for rent and other housing expenses. The Weatherization Assistance service helps low-income individuals by providing free energy efficiency and conservation measures.

Self-sufficiency guidance from Decatur Churches

Specialists from the church and their local Benevolence Departments offer a variety of career advice and employment services. This can help people who are unemployed or looking to gain new work experiences or skills. The guidance is also for youth and veterans in Montgomery County, and is available in the form of personal case management.

A key partner in this effort will be local Job Stop Centers or organizations such as community action. These organizations will help with providing resources and information to those who are seeking employment. Services like job placement and training can help you get a higher paying job. There are also services to help with developing your career, counseling, and preparing your resume. Volunteers may be able to help with additional services, like transportation to an interview.

Domestic Violence Service Centers in Decatur are available for all adult victims, regardless of gender, and their children. This program is for survivors of domestic violence who want to improve their lifestyles and develop healthier habits. The Decatur Church Of Christ can provide help with things like crisis intervention, emergency and transitional housing, legal assistance, and more.

For more information about churches in Decatur, please call 888-421-1268.

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