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Delaware energy and utility bill assistance programs.

If you are struggling to pay your utility bills in Delaware, there are organizations that can help. Below is a list of who to contact for energy bill assistance, as well as information on how to access weatherization programs. The programs can help people who are low income or facing a crisis to get help.

Many utility companies in Delaware offer grants or other financial assistance. They will work with local charities and non-profits to provide assistance in the form of food, shelter, and other resources. There are programs that help residents save money on their energy bills by conserving energy and weatherizing their homes. The following is a list of options and resources available to low-income individuals.

Government low income assistance programs in Delaware

The federal government’s Low Income Heating and Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides emergency grants and regular monthly payments to low-income and elderly residents of Delaware. The following are the phone numbers for the low income energy assistance program if you need more information or want to apply. This program is funded by the federal government and provides grants and financial assistance to low income households.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federally-funded program that helps low-income households with their energy bills. LIHEAP can help pay your energy bill, and also provide financial assistance in an emergency to help prevent a disconnection. Call the following numbers depending on which county you are in: -Kent County: 302-674-1782 -New Castle County: 302-654-9295 -Sussex County Delaware: 302-856-6310 What more can I find out about government DEAP fuel assistance?

The Delaware Weatherization Assistance Program helps people save money on their monthly energy bills. The program is funded by the federal government and helps people conserve energy. The government offers a program that will cover the cost of energy-saving improvements to homes for those who qualify. Some things you can do to conserve energy in your home are to make sure your insulation is up to par, seal up any cracks or gaps around your doors and windows, and get your furnace checked and tuned regularly. Contact one of the following Local Administering Non-profit Agencies in Delaware to apply for or get more information about the services offered. To reach the Sussex County government, dial 302-856-6310. To reach the New Castle County government, dial 302-654-9295. To reach the Kent County government, dial 302-674-1782.

Utility assistance from utility companies

Delmarva Power provides a fuel fund for its low income customers. Conectiv matches donations from businesses, customer contributions, as well as donations from individuals and other agencies, with a donation from shareholders. A household must first apply for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program in order to be able to receive aid. The Salvation Army is a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to those in need. To learn more about how to apply for help, call 302-472-0750.

Delmarva Power has programs for customers with low incomes, seniors, and people with disabilities. Many of the programs are offered in partnership with local community action agencies or the federal government. Some examples of those programs include LIHEAP. The company may be able to provide qualified customers in Delaware with payment extensions or some other type of arrangement. Delmarva will collaborate with families to develop a solution rather than disconnecting their power. What assistance programs are available to help me with my Delmarva Power utility bill?

The Sharing Program is a utility company run by Chesapeake Utilities that helps low-income families with their energy bills. The Sharing Program can provide money to people who have a disability, are old, have low income, or who live on a set income in the state. The government provides financial assistance to low-income families to help pay for winter heating costs, gas, and other utility bills.

The Salvation Army and Catholic Charities administer programs that are funded by customer donations and shareholder contributions in Sussex, Kent, and New Castle counties in Delaware. If you need help, please call any of the following numbers: 1-800-123-4567 1-888-987-6543 If you need help, please call 1-800-123-4567 or 1-888-987-6543. If you need to reach us, our phone numbers are: Sussex: 302-856-6310 Kent: 302-674-1782 New Castle: 302-654-9295

Chesapeake Utilities provides additional resources in Delaware. Some of them, such as payment plans, are offered by the company. There are other ways to get help from non-profits and charities, such as the Sharing Programs. The Delaware energy company can also help low income, disabled and senior customers to access government programs such as LIHEAP. Chesapeake Utilities provides assistance to customers in need. This assistance can come in the form of financial assistance, energy assistance, and/or emergency assistance. Customers can contact Chesapeake Utilities to learn more about the assistance that is available to them.

Delaware community action agencies may be able to help low income families, particularly seniors, pay for summer cooling bills, air conditioning units, or free fans. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps low-income households with their energy bills. The program can also help residents stay cool during the summer by providing air conditioning units, fans, and/or cooling assistance. There is more information available on free air conditioners in Delaware.

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