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Delaware mortgage and foreclosure assistance programs.

There are several mortgage and foreclosure assistance programs available to homeowners in Delaware. There are various programs available to individuals and families in Delaware who need help with mortgages, including programs offered by the state, non-profits, and the federal government. You have options, and there are possible solutions.

Delaware foreclosure mediation

The primary objective of this program is to ensure that all relevant parties – lenders, banks, and homeowners – are communicating effectively to find a mutually agreeable resolution. The judicial system is a part of this program. A homeowner who is served with a foreclosure notice can use the services of a mediator to find a way to get mortgage help and prevent the foreclosure. It’s important to start the mediation process as soon as possible. The Delaware foreclosure mediation program is a voluntary program that helps homeowners and lenders negotiate a loan modification or other foreclosure alternatives.

Delaware Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (DEMAP)

This statewide mortgage program will offer Delaware homeowners with assistance. The program is designed to help homeowners who are struggling to keep up with their mortgage payments due to an unexpected financial hardship. This option provides more information.

Assistance from non-profit organizations

There are several different non-profit organizations located throughout Delaware that can help with mortgages and foreclosures. If the families income is low enough, the homeowner may be provided with counseling and advice at no cost. The government Housing and Urban Development Department has certified them and all counselors are highly trained. There are organizations in Delaware that can help with housing needs.

Legal support and consultations from Delaware Mortgage Fraud Task

The state provides a number of services to ensure that residents are treated fairly and that all of their rights are followed. Different organizations offer different types of help, including financial assistance and legal support. The state of Delaware provides resources through its attorney general’s office as part of the Delaware Mortgage Fraud Task force.

This website provides information on how to identify and prevent mortgage rescue scams, as well as information on the timelines involved in the foreclosure process and other Delaware programs such as home loan modifications and the relief act. If you need support, you can call this hotline for free. The Task Force is a group of people who make sure that people’s legal rights are upheld. For more information, please click here.

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