Assistance Program

Delta and Western Colorado Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army provides both emergency assistance and long-term support. There may be free food or school supplies available, money to help with rent or energy bills, and a low cost thrift store. The charity provides counseling services for children and students, as well as free Christmas gifts from the Adopt a Family program. The center, which is based in Delta, provides social services across the entire Western county region of Colorado, including Gunnison, Ouray, and others.

Financial help in Delta County region

There are not many resources available for families who need help paying their bills or rent. This means that if there is money available, it can only be used for a one-time emergency. If you are applying for financial assistance for rent, medication, or utility bills, you should bring the following documents. Additional information may be required. A thesaurus When you want to find a different way to say something, it can be helpful to have a thesaurus on hand. This way, you can quickly look up words that have a similar meaning to the one you’re trying to replace. This can be especially useful when you’re writing, as it can help you to avoid repeating yourself.

This means that you need to provide a document that shows that you live in one of the counties that this program supports. The Salvation Army may review this information if necessary. Identification is required from all members of a household in Delta or a nearby county. Copies of essential expenses and a budget are needed, such as a copy of a lease with the rent amount specified, utility bills, monthly grocery expenditures, and more.

Only when the application has been looked at closely will money for financial aid be given out. The applicant for the Delta Colorado Salvation Army must be able to pay for future energy costs, rent, and other expenses on their own. The financial aid is meant to help people who are in a crisis. It provides support for families that are already stable.

The Salvation Army Delta Colorado ministries provide counseling and case management services. There is help available for people from all different backgrounds and religions. If someone needs help finding a free summer camp for kids or getting out of prison, the charity may be able to help. For women who are fleeing from abusive homes or addiction, there is also help available. The Salvation Army offers help to those who are struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol. They can provide resources for recovery and healing.

The ministry provides guidance and basic needs. As children or teenagers seek for support, they may be given a meal during the summer months. People leaving prison who need a place to stay and some clothing may be able to get help from programs that provide these things. The Salvation Army assistance programs are very flexible, allowing people to get the help they need.

The Salvation Army helps people in Delta and Montrose County Colorado who have been affected by a disaster. They have a team of volunteers that help to organize resources and reach out to people who are affected. The also supply people with necessities such as food and water, as well as clothes. Disaster assistance in Western Colorado will also provide access to basic needs like food and shelter. For more information on this, please see the following link.

Basic needs in Western Colorado

The Salvation Army uses various methods to help those in need. Some organizations offer assistance with obtaining clothing, Christmas gifts for kids, school supplies, and food. There are different ways to get each of these things, but they are all things that are necessary for survival.

Angel Tree only accepts applications from a small number of people during the fall. The Salvation Army in Delta, Colorado provides free toys to income qualified families. Many people who are accepted for assistance from the charity have received other help from the organization throughout the year.

There is a variety of clothing available for both school and everyday use. The Salvation Army operates a thrift store in Delta. These services depend on churches, volunteers, and the sale of goods from the thrift store to make ends meet. Families who are facing a disaster or have exceptional circumstances may be given free items.

They provide food for people who are struggling to get enough to eat. There is also a place where you can get free food. The two organizations offer free groceries, holiday meals, emergency boxes of food, and more. Applicants should bring a box to the Salvation Army in Delta, Colorado. There are other government programs that use EBT cards.

Location of Salvation Army services in Western Colorado

The Salvation Army is located at 104 CO-92, PO Box 175, Delta, CO 81416. The number to call is (970) 242-7513.

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