Detroit and Wayne County Society of St. Vincent De Paul.

The weak economy has hit the city of Detroit and Wayne County hard, and St. Vincent de Paul is a charity organization that can help. This organization provides services to people who are struggling with poverty. This includes things like community support, unemployed assistance, and help for working poor people. There are many types of resources available to people in need, including food, financial assistance for energy and heating bills, dental care, legal aid and more. The amount of people that can be helped is small, and one must meet certain standards to be eligible.

The Dental Clinic can provide care to people of Wayne County who are in need of dental care but cannot afford to pay for it on their own. The center is open for about 20 days each month and will provide assistance to as many qualified individuals as possible.

The clinic was created to help those in need of dental care and support. Currently, over 50 dentists, volunteers, surgeons, dental students, and hygienists offer their services to help those who cannot afford it. The St. Vincent De Paul clinic partners with the University of Michigan & University of Detroit and Mercy Schools of Dentistry to use resources together.

The dental clinic provides dental services such as dentures, fillings, and extractions. If you are an adult without health or dental insurance who needs basic dental treatment or services, you should contact the clinic for an appointment or more information. This is a phone number.

There are thrift stores in Wayne County, Michigan. The Van Elslander Family Center partners with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and other charitable organizations to support youth summer camps, emergency food centers and pantries, and social services.

Thrift stores offer people an affordable way to shop for their products. Some things may be given for free to people who need them, such as the elderly and those who are not very strong. People can purchase previously owned articles of clothing, furniture, household items, coats, and other belongings.

St. Vincent de Paul and the Special Works program offer energy bill assistance, including support around the winter. The organization provides financial assistance for energy and heating bills to low income groups including senior citizens, those living in poverty, people who are most at risk and others who may be in danger of having their utilities disconnected or heating services shut off.

St. Vincent de Paul has collaborated with the Michigan Public Service Commission. This program provides a few thousand Detroit families with help paying their utility bills each year. The total amount of assistance has gradually increased over the years, reaching several hundred thousand dollars annually.

The agency may occasionally receive more funding from the Vulnerable Household Warmth Fund (VHWF) grant, which comes from the Michigan Public Service Commission. This will increase the amount of people that can be helped in Wayne County Michigan as well as the counties surrounding it.

Since the 1980s, Community Food Depots have been helping people meet their emergency food and nutritional needs. The centers can provide food and other resources to people in need. The depots provide free or low cost groceries, meals, and food boxes to help people until they can get themselves reestablished.

Many of the food pantries rely on donations from the community to help feed those in need. Almost 100 groups and businesses donate money, food, items, and even volunteers to help support these pantries. Many people help the agency by giving food and money. St. Vincent de Paul Food Depots help a lot of families in Detroit every year.

The Southwest Detroit Community Food Depot is a food bank that has a more unique format than other food banks. The center gives clients the freedom to pick their own food, similar to going grocery shopping.

In an effort to serve more people and families in the region, and in an effort to increase food purchasing power at a great price and support the community better, the food pantries that operate in southwestern part of the city created the Southwest Detroit Community Food Depot. The center is a collaborative effort formed between many churches and pantries to help members from local parishes.

The Matchan Nutrition Center also serves meals. This location is open by the Oakland County Vincentians and is located at the St. Vincent de Paul Parish site in Pontiac, Michigan. This place has lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The Van Elslander Center is a group of programs that help people in need, created by the Detroit St. Vincent de Paul in partnership with other agencies, non-profits, and churches. Specialized programs are offered to help families and individuals in poverty. These programs help people to improve their lives and escape poverty. The Center is home to a clothing referral center, Head Start center, legal services and aid, dental care clinic, and a Thrift Store.

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