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Dickinson-Iron County Community Services Agency assistance programs.

The Community Services Agency provides financial aid and case management services to residents of Dickinson and Iron Counties. This organization is part of a group of organizations that work to improve communities. They will provide different programs for people who are poor and work. There are many programs that can help veterans and their families, including the Supportive Services for Veteran Families program and the Emergency Food Assistance Program.

Emergency help from community action

The DICSA Emergency Services Program helps low-income families or individuals in a crisis when government or non-profit funds are available. The program provides money to help the client get through the time period.

There may be grants available to help pay for utility bills and deliverable fuel, such as fuel oil, wood, propane, natural gas, and wood pellets. Dickinson-Iron County Community Services may have funds available to help pay back rent. Budget counseling can help you avoid future financial crises. Budgeting is a system of planning and controlling your finances. It involves setting financial goals, tracking your spending, and making changes to your spending habits. Budgeting can help you to save money, to pay off debt, and to make better financial decisions. The amount of money you earn determines how much assistance you can receive.

The Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program is a program that helps veteran families. This is for families in the counties of Dickinson, Menominee, Gogebic, Iron and Ontonagon. The HUD program helps veterans and their families obtain and remain in stable, permanent housing.

The SSVF program also provides case management and follow-up services to help veterans and their families. Some veterans or their families may be eligible for temporary financial assistance to help with things like rent. In order to receive a cash grant, applicants must make less money than what is determined by the government and must also meet other qualifications that the government has set.

The DICSA partners with the USDA to run the Commodity Supplemental Food (CSFP) program, which is informally known as the “Green Card” program. The CSFP free food is meant to supplement the diets of people over 60 years old.

USDA approved CSFP food packages contain a variety of items from the different food groups. These food groups include beans, canned meats, fruits, juices, vegetables, peanut butter, non-fat dry milk, cheese, pasta, milk, and cereal. There are distributions every other month at sites in Iron Mountain, Sagola, Felch, Crystal Falls, and Iron River.

DICSA also offers a bi-monthly CSFP program in partnership with the Menominee Delta School craft Community Action Agency. This will provide extra assistance to the poor who are struggling with hunger. Other organizations that are partnered with this company include the Alger Marquette Community Action Board and the Chippewa Luce Mackinac Community Action Agency.

The Emergency Food Assistance Program from Dickinson-Iron County Community Services Agency provides food to Iron as well as Dickinson County Senior Centers. This will happen two to four times a year.

The types of food given out at these events typically vary, based on what is available. These are items that are always the same, including dairy, beans, rice, canned meats, frozen vegetables, fruits, and flour. You don’t need a card to participate, but you will need to sign a form about your income at each distribution. The food for these distributions is provided by the United States Department of Agriculture.

The agency for Congregate Meals is inviting residents aged 60 and over, as well as their spouses, to join. This means that at different times throughout the year, these Senior Centers will mostly serve this type of meal during the weekdays around lunchtime.

The low cost or even free Congregate Meals not only provide nutritious foods that might be lacking in some seniors’ diets, they also present an opportunity for seniors to take advantage of our nutrition education programming as well as socialize with their peers in a group setting. For example, clients can learn how to use unit pricing when grocery shopping. This way, they can compare the cost of different products and make sure they are getting the best deal. If you are 60 years old or older, you are asked to donate $4.00 per meal to Dickinson-Iron County Community Services Agency. However, you are not required to pay this amount of money.

We welcome anyone over the age of 60 to come in and enjoy a low cost meal, for which we suggest a donation of $5.00. Some places in the community, like Iron County, have special meal times on certain days of the week.

The Home Delivered Meals Program provides meals to homebound seniors and disabled people in Dickinson, Iron, and Baraga Counties. The purpose of this free program is to make sure that seniors who can’t go to Congregate Meals sites or the grocery store still get the nutrition they need every day.

The Home Delivered Meals Program at DICSA provides hot and nutritious meals to thousands of eligible individuals every year. This service is offered for free, but donations are appreciated to help pay for food and delivery expenses. All the money will be used for the program.

Contact your nearest Senior Center to learn more or to sign up. Your deliveries will begin immediately, and DICSA will assess your home to determine eligibility and create a service plan.

The Weatherization Program helps low-income homeowners and renters reduce their home heating costs. The first step in the process for DICSA staff is to conduct a computerized in-home energy audit to determine which repairs or alterations are most appropriate.

After the assessment has been completed, next, the licensed and insured contractors will do the work on the home to help the family reduce their energy usage. If you are struggling to make ends meet, the government has a program that can help you save money. It’s free to join, but there may be a waiting list.

Care for seniors from Dickinson-Iron County Community Services Agency

The Family Ties Adult Center in Iron Mountain and Dickinson County provides an alternative to nursing care for family members. The resource is for people who have been diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer disease, or another debilitating disease, and the goal is to keep them as independent as possible.

The services at the center help the participant stay at home in their familiar surroundings, while providing support for their caregivers and other family members. The program at Family Ties is designed to help children socialize and feel successful.

The family caregiver can take a break when using Dickinson-Iron County Community Services Agency. This resource provides caregivers with time to fulfill other daily responsibilities while their loved one is cared for in a secure, safe, and stimulating environment.

DICSA provides services to help seniors in Dickinson and Iron County stay independent and active in their communities. These services include things like help with daily activities, transportation, and access to resources. The Office of Services to the Aging is a key partner. They require an assessment to determine specific household needs before providing In-Home Services. There are financial aid programs available for seniors in Michigan.

If the applicant is qualified for the assessment, they will be scheduled for a home visit from one of our trained aides. The In-Home Services include the following: -Laundry -Meal Preparation -Housekeeping -Shopping -Errands -Transportation

Homemaking services are tasks that are typically done around the house to keep it clean, such as doing laundry, dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. The staff also help with activities such as preparing meals, shopping, errands, changing linens, sweeping, and mopping.

The DICSA Respite Care Program provides a much-needed break for caregivers who are constantly under pressure from caring for a family member at home. Respite care also helps the caregivers by giving them a break from their duties and allowing them to take care of their own needs.

Other services are provided by Personal Care aides. These individuals help with activities such as dressing, grooming, bathing, using the toilet, moving around, and eating. Personal care aides do not administer medication or prepare it for administration.

The Dickinson-Iron County Community Services Agency offers transportation to both senior and non-senior residents door-to-door. This affordable service is for residents of Kingsford, Iron Mountain, Norway, Iron River, and Crystal Falls. The non-profit has a van that can accommodate wheelchairs and will pick up the client at the door to take them to appointments.

Applying for help from DICSA

Different types of assistance, like food, emergency aid, and care, may be given to people of various ages, incomes, and backgrounds. The Dickinson-Iron County Community Services Agency is located at 800 Crystal Lake Blvd., Iron Mountain, MI 49801. Staff can be reached at 906-774-2256 for more information.

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