Dodge County rental assistance.

There are a number of places where Dodge County tenants and homeless residents can get rental and/or housing assistance. There are many places where you can get help, including Beaver Dam and Juneau. The government provides a variety of financial assistance programs to help with housing needs. This can include rent assistance, grants, loans, and other support.

There are income-based apartments available for low-income families in Dodge County, Wisconsin. This is for residents who are struggling to afford housing or who are on section 8 HUD housing vouchers. Many of the people who live in this apartment complex are handicapped, have a disability, are seniors, or are single mothers. To help make the apartment more affordable for them, the rent and energy payments are lower each month. In addition to providing money for rent, utility bill assistance or a deposit may also be given.

How much emergency rent or housing assistance you get will depend on many factors. It may be in the form of a loan with a lower monthly interest rate, or a cash grant. There is a lot of demand for housing in the county and resources are running out quickly. If you need additional money to pay rent, look for resources.

Main St. Suite 1, Beaver Dam, WI. The office of the Central Wisconsin Community Action Council in Dodge County is located at 134 S. Main Street, Suite 1, in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. For more information, please contact the main office. You may be eligible for emergency grant funding for housing needs like rent or utilities. For more information, please contact the main office. They also take applications for rent assistance. Finally, there are short term, income based transitional housing units.

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Mitchell St. The Crossroads House is located at 114 E. Mitchell St. The company only provides services to the Watertown area. The programs offered by the government include assistance with rent or security deposits for the first month, help with moving, and other services to prevent homelessness.

The call center will help you find an attorney that can help you with your needs. They can provide free legal assistance, resolve domestic disputes, address housing issues, and prevent evictions.

Center Street, Dodge Center, MN The Dodge County Housing Authority is located at 491 E. Center Street, Dodge Center, MN. Center St.Juneau, WI 53039920-386-2866 The nonprofit manages 12 low-income apartments. There is often a backlog of people waiting to be seen. The homes are for people who have a low income and who are either disabled, seniors, or recipients of section 8. To find more information about section 8 HUD vouchers in Wisconsin, you can search online or contact your local HUD office.

This organization provides section 8 HUD vouchers to low income families that are in poverty.

New Beginnings Homeless Shelter in Dodge County offers free vouchers for hotels or motels on a limited basis. To get a voucher, contact the shelter at 920-885-3999. The organization provides temporary housing for women, single mothers, or families in need.

The Tenant Resource Center of Dodge County is a regional agency that provides legal advice, housing counseling, and referrals to rent programs. To speak to someone, please call 608-257-0143.

1. For residents of Randolph, the number to dial is 702 High St. 2. For residents of other areas, the number to dial is 3. 3. For residents of Wisconsin, the number to dial is 53956. If you need to contact the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office, you can call one of the following numbers: Randolph/Fox Lake (920-326-3821), Burnett, Clyman, Juneau, Lowell, Theresa, Reeseville, Mayville, Horicon (920-887-5348), or Waupun (920-324-4000). Different services offered by the organization include helping with rent (if the applicant has an eviction notice), heating bill, job placement, car repairs, etc.

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The address of St. Vincent De Paul Sacred Heart in Horicon is 950 Washington Street, Horicon, Wisconsin 53032. To place an order, please call 920-485-0694. Spring St., Beaver Dam, WI 53916It provides families in Juneau, Burnett, and Horicon with rental assistance, as well as families in Iron Ridge, Beaver Dam, and Fox Lake who need rental assistance. The address is 4th Street in Watertown. Phone: 920-261-2691 12 Mill St. Waupun, WI 53963 To reach someone in Waupun, dial 920-922-3650. If you live in Leroy or Mayville, dial 920-387-2920 extension 104.

Different churches are working together to provide this charitable service in Dodge County. There are programs that can help with things like a place to stay for the night, help with rent, clothes, money for things like medical bills or utilities, and more. The main focus is on dealing with housing and homelessness issues.

The Beaver Dam Lions Club is a branch of the national Lions Club organization. In most cases, glasses and eyewear are available, but in some cases there is money for rent. To reach customer service, please call 920-887-8766.

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