Douglas and Sarpy County community clinics.

This means that the amount you pay for services is based on your ability to pay. This means that patients will only need to pay what they can afford to pay towards their bills. The services at the center are not comprehensive and are only available to low-income and uninsured people from the region.

Most clinics offer general health services like check-ups and some medication, as well as care for children and families. If a patient has a more serious medical need or health care condition, then the patient will be referred to a specialist. Some of the Omaha Nebraska area centers can help you with your dental needs.

The sites will only be for students or children in crisis. The nurses at the sites can provide physicals, medical check ups, and referrals to specialists in Omaha if needed be. The main centers are located below.

The All Care Health Center is a community clinic that provides cholesterol screening, immunizations, flu shots, physicals, and treatment for basic illnesses or diseases. The center may also have medications that are cheaper than prescriptions.

3775 Curtis Avenue, Omaha, Nebraska 68111 is the address of the Belvedere Elementary School Based Health Center.

The Benson Community Health Center is located at 5420 NW Radial Highway, Suite A in Omaha, Nebraska. The main phone number for the center is (402) 558-9242.

The Charles Drew Health Center provides medical care for children, pregnant women, and adults, including eye exams and other services. It is located at 2915 Grant Street in Omaha, Nebraska, and its telephone number is (402) 451-3553. A dental clinic can offer preventative care, such as cleanings and screenings, as well as non-emergency dental services. This means that people who have a low income or no insurance can still receive medical care, but they may have to pay a smaller amount than people with insurance or a higher income.

The Charles Drew Homeless Clinic in Omaha, Nebraska will offer some free services to those in need. The clinic is located at 1490 North 16th Street, Suite 306, and can be contacted at (402) 345-9860. This may include providing basic medical care, social services, emergency dental services, and vision care to homeless individuals.

The OneWorld WestSports Plaza is a facility that provides assistance to patients in both Douglas and Sarpy County. It is located at 4101 South 120th Street in Omaha, Nebraska, and can be reached by phone at (402) 505-3907. The clinic offers a variety of services for people of all ages, including pediatrics, obstetrical, geriatrics, general medical care, women’s health, reproductive health, prenatal, obstetrics and gynecology, podiatry, and radiology/ultrasound. The center provides dental care, screening, treatments, and other aid.

This means that there are also services available that can help with behavioral problems. Patients can see medical providers, hospitals, and others to get care for their needs. In addition to nurses, there are also social workers on site. If a service is not available at the clinic, referrals will be made for all patients. For patients with limited incomes or without insurance, appointments are made through Hope Medical Outreach Coalition volunteer physicians and facilities.

Francis House is a low-price clinic located at 1111 North 17th Street in Omaha, Nebraska. It provides basic care services to Douglas County residents. The main phone number for the clinic is (402) 341-1821.

The Fred LeRoy Health and Wellness Center is located at 2602 J Street in Omaha, Nebraska. The phone number to reach the center is (402) 733-3612.

The Indian Hill Elementary School Based Medical Center is located at 3121 U Street in Omaha, Nebraska. The telephone number for the center is (402) 933-4968.

Kellom Elementary Health Center can be found at 1311 North 24th Street in Omaha, Nebraska.

The King Science Magnet Middle School Health Center is located at 3720 Florence Boulevard in Omaha, Nebraska. The center provides health care services to the community through a variety of clinics.

The Liberty Elementary School Clinics are located at 2021 Saint Mary’s Avenue in Omaha, Nebraska.

This clinic provides basic check-ups and is located at 1111 North 17th Street, Siena Francis House in Omaha, Nebraska. The intake number to dial is (888) 218-4692. The center can also help you with information on state and national prescription discount programs, and other insurance options you have for paying medical bills.

The Magis Women’s Clinic at Creighton University Medical Center is located on the fourth floor of the 601 North 30th Street building in Omaha, Nebraska. The clinic’s telephone number is (402) 819-7838.

The Salvation Army will offer some treatment for minor illnesses, physicals, breast exams, and other support services at their Methodist Hospital Renaissance Health Clinic location. In addition to physical exams, we also offer referrals to specialists.

Northwest High Magnet School Community Clinics is a healthcare facility located at 8204 Crown Point Avenue in Omaha, Nebraska. The clinic provides medical care to the local community and offers a variety of services such as primary care, dental care, and mental health services.

The OneWorld Community Livestock Exchange Building is located at 4920 South 30th Street, Suite 103, Omaha, Nebraska 68107. The main phone number for the building is (402) 502-5832.

Sacred Heart Parish provides social services, basic care, and other support through its Heart Ministry Center Community Clinics. To receive services, call (402) 451-2321.

Siena House is a community clinic located at 1702 Nicholas Street in Omaha, Nebraska. It provides medical services in partnership with the Charles Drew Medical Clinic. Medical staff help low-income people by giving them immunizations and x rays. They also provide other forms of support.

Located in Omaha, Nebraska, Spring Lake Magnet Elementary School is a school that provides education for children from kindergarten through fifth grade.

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