East Harlem Neighborhood Based Alliance programs.

The East Harlem Neighborhood Based Alliance Corporation strives to prevent homelessness. The agency will advocate for low income people and try to encourage affordable housing in East Harlem. The EHNBAC offers assistance to those who need help with renting, whether it is an emergency or not.

The non-profit has been helping people access housing for many years. This includes finding a place to live that is affordable. They have also helped to prevent evictions and foreclosures.

The staff from East Harlem Neighborhood Based Alliance Corporation help people from other community-based programs and agencies by guiding them towards stability. The services offered by the organization include coordinating case management, providing short-term financial assistance in the form of grants, eviction prevention, and veterans’ services programs. The agency’s self-sufficiency plan will include job training and credit counseling.

EHNBAC works to prevent crisis situations, homelessness, and low productivity by taking a proactive, holistic approach to helping clients. The organization’s main goal will always be to provide excellent customer service.

They help people who are renting or owning a home to solve various problems related to housing. Mediation services provide a way to resolve landlord tenant disputes without going to Housing Court, which would most likely result in eviction and the tenants becoming homeless. Mediation can also help homeowners prevent their home from being foreclosed on.

In potential eviction cases that do end up in court, East Harlem Neighborhood Based Alliance’s free legal representation has also saved many households from being evicted. The staff has been working with apartment managers and landlords for a long time and they know a lot about how public assistance and benefits work. This has made it possible to provide assistance in public cases.

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The agency can help you start the process of applying for benefits and resources, which may include help with paying back rent, Jiggetts, food stamps, and Medicaid. The homeless can apply for help with their security deposit. EHNBAC helps our clients get other benefits and resources they might be eligible for, like Section 8 and NYCHA subsidies, Child Support, WIC, SCRIE, SSI, HEAP, Child/Teen/Family Health, and food pantry services.

The East Harlem Neighborhood Association for Change offers one-time financial assistance to residents of East Harlem who are at risk of becoming homeless. In addition to money for making rent payments, there may be grants in smaller amounts that are available twice per year. Other support such as education and training is available to tenants through workshops and one-on-one assistance in the form of teaching them their rights and responsibilities. Workshops will cover topics such as domestic violence and safety planning, going from welfare to work, and understanding benefits and entitlements. To receive financial assistance, applicants must meet certain requirements.

The goal of financial literacy is to help people understand economic management and budgeting. The East Harlem Neighborhood Based Alliance will provide clients with the skills and techniques necessary to improve their financial situation, avoid losing their current housing, and enhance quality of life.

The service also indicates how the individual’s attitudes and habits related to money have influenced their overall quality of life. Developing positive attitudes and habits related to cash management can help motivate individuals to improve their money management skills. When people are financially literate, they have better control over their finances and are better able to manage their money.

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The East Harlem Neighborhood Based Alliance Corporation can be found at 2253 Third Ave., Second Floor, New York, NY 10035. Please call the office at 212-289-1900.

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