El Paso Texas credit counseling agencies.

If you’re struggling to pay your bills, debts, or mortgage, credit counseling agencies in El Paso County Texas can help you find resources and programs to get some financial relief. There are several nonprofits that help families in need in the area. These agencies have provided thousands of families with assistance over the years.

Many of the organizations provide services such as debt consolidation and reduction, and are also HUD certified. This means that they can help people who are struggling to keep their homes by providing free or low-cost counseling and information on mortgage assistance programs.

Families and individuals in El Paso can schedule an interview with a credit counselor if they are struggling to pay their bills or keep up with their housing payments. They will review your financial condition, and see if you qualify for any programs. Other resources that are offered are workshops, budgeting classes, and housing counseling sessions.

Specialists will help you work out a repayment plan with your bank, mortgage servicer, or credit card company. The non-profit credit counselor can help you by negotiating payment plans, signing you up for debt management plans, helping reduce fees, and providing other support.

The company helps people with money management and provides credit counseling services. It also offers a wide range of other services, including housing counseling and bankruptcy counseling. Some of the services offered are helping with bankruptcy, money management skills, budget and debt counseling, and preventing foreclosure. Other programs offered by the housing authority include providing reverse mortgage education, pre-purchase programs and mortgage default and delinquency services. The organization is located in a place that is convenient for people living in both Las Cruces and El Paso County. Other services that this organization offers include help with identity theft prevention, predatory lending awareness programs, new home down payment loans or grants, and various debt consolidation services. They also have an Individual Development Account Savings Program to help people save money.

The Consumer Credit Counseling Services of the YWCA Del Norte Region provides free or low cost educational and assistance programs to consumers. If you are struggling with money, there are places you can go for help. You can find places that will help you file for bankruptcy, give you advice on your credit and debt, and even help you buy your first home. If you have received a foreclosure notice in El Paso, you can call for information about various programs that may be able to help you, including programs that offer free foreclosure prevention.

Project Amistad and the Money Management Program offer assistance to senior citizens, the elderly, and disabled. For more information, please call 915-532-3790. The agency can help people manage their funds, pay their bills, and get into a stronger financial situation. Basically, if you need help with your money, the agency can assist you.

Debtors should explore all available options for resolving their debts before filing for bankruptcy. These options may include credit counseling and working out payment plans with creditors. Bankruptcy should only be filed as a last resort. There will be sessions with counselors to help develop a budget analysis. The lawyer or credit counselor can explain the bankruptcy process in Texas and the consequences of filing. Other assistance that is available includes help with mortgage payments if you are behind, help with foreclosure, programs to help you understand housing discrimination, tenant eviction rights, and free legal counseling.

Supreme Credit Solutions is a credit counseling and education service located in El Paso, Texas. They offer services to help consumers understand and manage their credit, as well as provide credit counseling and education to help consumers make informed decisions about their credit.

The Credit Services of El Paso is a company that provides credit services to people in the El Paso, Texas area. The company’s address is 6416 Gateway E, El Paso, TX, and its phone number is (915) 595-1111.

West Texas Credit Advisors helps people reduce their debts from things like medical bills and credit card debt. They also provide information on longer term solutions for people’s financial situations.

The AAA Debt Hotline in El Paso, TX provides a telephone service to help people with debt problems. The telephone number is (915) 313-9642.

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