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Emergency assistance Burke County Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army in Burke County offers many different types of assistance programs. Some of these programs are designed to help people in emergency situations, while others provide long-term support. The short term aid is combined with long term advocacy and case management. This means that food, financial help for paying bills or rent, free school supplies or Christmas toys, etc. are given as well as help with long term planning and goal setting. More information about social services and the Family Store from the Salvation Army in Morgantown and Burke County can be found below.

Crisis intervention and case management

When a client seeks support from a faith-based charity, it is recommended that they seek additional long-term support. The Salvation Army in Morgantown, North Carolina uses a case management approach to help those in need. This approach helps to assess the individual needs of each person and create a plan to address those needs. The Salvation Army case managers work with each individual to help them find the resources they need to improve their situation.

The client will be assigned a case worker. They will assess the client’s background. It means looking at your money, your job, your spending, and your home life. The service provides both religious guidance and financial advice. Some of the work is done with other agencies in the area, such as credit counseling in Burke County, HUD foreclosure counseling, and even community action agencies. The intervention, monitoring, and follow-up activities required to ensure that an individual with case receives the necessary and effective care for their particular situation. The case manager is responsible for assessing the individual’s needs, developing a plan of care, coordinating services, and monitoring the individual’s progress.

Budgeting classes help people in applying for public aid, including SNAP food stamps, SSI disability, section 8 and more. The Salvation Army Burke County job training program offers free clothes, computer use, resume review services, and more. -Libraries offer free books, magazines, movies, and music. -Parks and recreation departments offer free or low-cost sports, fitness, and arts programs. -Community centers offer free or low-cost after-school programs, English classes, and computer classes.

The Salvation Army provides some of that assistance itself. (84) Other programs are run in partnership with other non-profits or government offices in Burke County. Different approaches will be used based on what the client needs.

Emergency help from Morgantown Salvation Army

The amount of money available is limited. The thrift store raises most of its money from selling goods. Additional revenue for the library may come from United Way grants, community fund raisers, and donations.

The Burke County Salvation Army serves people on a first-come, first-served basis. They will need to show that they have income from a job or benefits, and provide copies of identification including SS cards. The Salvation Army will evaluate all of this. In addition to the above mentioned case management, any type of funds is also included.

The financial aid consists of the following components. If we can’t help, we will connect you with other agencies that can.

The emergency food pantry provides free groceries to people in need. Emergency disaster services is a organization that provides relief after a natural disaster. A thrift store is a store that sells used goods at a lower price. Some eye care centers offer assistance with eye exams and glasses or vouchers for some prescription medications. There are also organizations that help with one time, short term rental and/or utility bill assistance. -There are also other programs that help prevent homelessness in North Carolina. Some of these programs include a community feeding program from a soup kitchen and free holiday, Christmas, and seasonal assistance. The Salvation Army also provides basic necessities such as food, toys, back to school supplies, gifts and clothing for winter or summer wear.

There is also a homeless drop-in service that provides a place to stay and additional support. The Salvation Army will offer a mail pick-up and laundry service for those in the Burke County area. They will also have free snacks available, as well as phone access. The emergency temporary housing is not on the same site as the families, but it is available for them to use.

The Morgantown Salvation center in Burke County can provide a list of items as well as services. The company will also consider other requests on a case by case basis. If the resources are finished, or no more help can be given, then more help can be set up. The address for more information, intake, or to speak to a case worker is 420 W Fleming Dr, Ste B, Morganton, North Carolina 28655. To contact someone by phone, dial 828-439-8080.

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