Assistance Program

Emergency assistance from Eastern Area Community Ministries.

The Eastern Area Community Ministries (EACM) provides the needy with various forms of assistance by partnering with churches and faith-based groups. Some programs help prevent homelessness and provide free food. There may also be emergency funds available for expenses such as back rent or paying utility bills. EACM also operates seasonal support, such as free Christmas meals or gifts.

The Emergency Assistance Program from EACM provides help to low-income families who are experiencing a one-time crisis. There are things like prescription drugs, government grants for paying rent, and help with utility bills. If the charity is unable to meet your needs, referrals may be provided. If you live in Louisville and are struggling to pay your heating bills, or are at risk of having your service shut off, you can get help keeping your home warm, including referrals to the national LIHEAP program.

The Crisis Assistance Service is a financial assistance program for Louisville residents experiencing emergency situations. This program may offer emergency financial assistance and no interest loans to help residents during a time of need. There are funds available to help with various expenses, such as the first month’s rent, a security deposit, recurrent rent payments or mortgage payments, or the cost of prescription drugs in life-threatening situations.

Eastern Area Community Ministries provides Crisis Assistance to families in Jefferson County who are experiencing a resolvable situation. This means that the hardship must be a one-time event and that you must be using 50% of your income to pay for basic necessities for yourself and your family. Lastly, the applicant needs to be also residing in affordable permanent housing but maybe they need help with rent once.

The EACM Homeless Assistance Program provides case management services and support programs to help individuals and families experiencing homelessness. There is help to prevent evictions and assistance for those who are homeless or who may not have a stable place to sleep each night. For information on these and other services, please call your local Outreach office.

However, some services that may be offered include providing temporary shelter or free motel vouchers for the homeless or recently evicted. The agency may offer Rent Assistance, Case Management Services, and Grants as a form of Security Deposit Assistance.

People who need help are often not aware of the services, whether private or government benefits, that may be available to them. This means that EACM’s Community Service Workers can help you with any questions you have about financial or public assistance programs offered by Social Services, ICAP, County Welfare, and other agencies and organizations. The staff from the charity also provide referrals to agencies that are not apart of EACM.

The Helping Hands Partnership is a key referral service that helps assess your needs, strengths, and obstacles. The website offers a variety of resources that can help people in their journey to improve their lives. These include links to community resources, local churches that offer help, supportive mentors, and rewards for individuals and families who work toward reaching their goals.

The free pantry at the Dare to Care Distribution Site offers food assistance to those who are low income or struggling financially. The center offers emergency assistance to people in the Louisville community who are struggling financially or experiencing a crisis. Many families in Jefferson County do not have enough food to feed themselves or their children.

Each eligible visitor is given a three-day supply of food that contains a balance of nutrients from each of the major food groups. EACM was able to meet thousands of orders from the region last year. The pantry is funded by private donations, local businesses, and surplus government commodities.

The purpose of the Eastern Area Community Ministries Youth and Family Services is to help students, youth, and families in the Louisville area who are in need. There are many organizations that provide free essential items or services to those in need. Good Start for Kids provides free baby care items, Meals on Wheels delivers free hot meals to disabled and eligible senior adults, and other organizations provide various forms of aid.

There may also be free school supplies available. Local school districts often require that students start the school year with specific items or clothes. This may include a uniform, dress code, or supplies list. The cost of these items can be a barrier for lower-income families, which can put their children at a disadvantage. EACM hosts a Back 2 School event to give children and youth free book bags, books, and school supplies.

The goal of the Latino Outreach Services Program is to help immigrants and Latino neighbors become a part of the Kentucky community. The bilingual staff work with each client to determine which EACM services are needed and provide referrals to them, whether it is employment or housing or more. The staff will help the client figure out what services they need and help connect them to those services, whether it’s finding a job or a place to live. Interpretation and translation services are available for people who need assistance communicating in English. ESL classes are also available to help people learn the language. Advocacy services are available to help people navigate the community and find resources they need.

Location and contact number for Eastern Area Ministry

Phone: 502-425-3848 The location of Eastern Area Community Ministries is 9104 Westport Rd., Louisville, Kentucky 40242. The phone number for the organization is 502-425-3848. Please call 502-426-2824.

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