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Escambia County Catholic Charities emergency assistance programs.

Catholic Charities has locations in Escambia County that provide support for people in need. There are many different types of churches and assistance programs that can help people in need. Catholic Charities of Pensacola offers financial assistance for things like rent, utility bills, food, prescription drugs, and more.

Most of the resources come from the Emergency Assistance Program. Whether it is helping to pay rent or mortgage to avoid eviction or foreclosure, assisting with medication costs for an illness, providing grants to help pay utility or water bills, or other financial aid, Catholic Charities of Pensacola is there to help.

Emergency assistance from Escambia County Catholic Charities

These services help people who are experiencing a short-term crisis by providing them with limited financial assistance. If someone is in poverty for a long time, just giving them financial assistance will not be enough. They will also need other support services.

Catholic Charities in Pensacola provides support for clients who are unable to provide essentials for daily living or who need guidance. There may be help available for things like food, energy bills or rent, free motel vouchers, prescription drugs and personal care items. This category includes products that are free for babies, including food, diapers, laundry detergent, and cleaning products. The client will always meet with a Case Manager or Stabilization Specialist from Catholic Charities.

The project manager will help the client find resources and services that can help them in the long term, as well as help them with short term relief from a financial crisis. There are some services that are free of charge even though the financial aid is limited. The guidance given is based on what is needed at the time.

New parents can get free baby supplies or goods from a government-funded program called Matthew’s Nursery. This product can help you for up to one year. There could be a lot of different things like gift cards, baby bottles, wipes, blankets, formula, and diapers.

You will need to make an appointment and the amount of financial help you receive will be based on your income. Proof of identity and address are required for any household applying. Other help may be needed.

The Escambia County Catholic Charities client choice food pantry, also known as Caring Choice, is a food pantry that provides a variety of goods to the needy. The food pantry is run by volunteers who help to sort and distribute the food to those in need. The household will have enough groceries to last for 2 to 3 days, so they can prepare meals to feed their family. The pantry may have items such as milk, fresh fruits or vegetables, dairy, meat, canned soup, and more.

Client choice means that the client can choose which food package they want. The client should bring their own bag or box to pack as they shop so they can take their purchases home with them. If the shopper needs a specialty item, a gift card can be given to them. To find more information about free food pantries in Florida, try searching online or contacting a local organization that provides food assistance.

Catholic Charities in Escambia County provides assistance to both immigrants and refugees. The organization can help with the citizenship process, getting green cards, and learning about the process. They can also provide short term support such as housing. They help with legal needs, sign documents, and deal with employment. Catholic Charities can help to find employment, provide training, or arrange for ESL classes for individuals.

Apply for Catholic Charities assistance programs in Escambia County

More support is available. No matter who you are or what your circumstances may be, there is help available. The church’s main office is in Pensacola, Florida, at 1815 North 6th Ave. This is a call center number.

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