ESSENTIALS emergency referral program.

ESSENTIALS offers referrals to emergency support and information on long term assistance to help people who are struggling financially. The non-profit will work with the client to figure out what kind of financial aid they need, based on things like income and other factors.

The assistance will be for basic needs, which can include free food from a pantry or clothing. Seasonal programs may include assistance with Christmas expenses or school supplies. Families in Lafayette Parish often need financial assistance, and this is the most common type that will be provided. Some people may have to pay small amounts of money for things like rent or utilities, but this is not usually the case. The staff at the ESSENTIALS call center will most likely refer people to programs such as LIHEAP or food stamps.

Financial support

The organization tries to help people who live nearby to overcome a crisis. Volunteers from the United Way and ESSENTIALS help people apply and interview for the program. The families will be assessed and the emergency will be solved based on that assessment.

The food pantry is a place to go to get food. Pantries are not meant to be a family’s only source of food, but rather to supplement what they already have. The center may have food that doesn’t go bad or items that can be stored for a long time. There may also be free food items such as fresh fruits, milk and frozen food. This service provides food to people in need through donations and partnerships with organizations such as Feeding America. The staff at the food pantry can help people connect with government benefits that they might be eligible for. This may be Emergency Food Assistance or food stamps for low-income individuals and families.

Other products may be given away as well. This means that you can wear clothes from thrift stores or clothing banks. In addition to diapers, baby formula, personal care items, and household cleaning supplies, other available items include ____________________________. These items are not as easy to find in Lafayette Parish, but people can ask around.

There are several agencies in the parish that offer emergency funds for certain bills. This can be used to pay rent to prevent eviction, to keep the heat on or to stop an utility disconnection. Other assistance from ESSENTIALS may include vouchers to pay for prescription medications or access to low income loans for other expenses. The goal is to prevent a crisis from worsening. Volunteers from agencies that are part of the ESSENTIALS network understand that it is difficult for families to think long term if they are about to be evicted or are going hungry. For this reason, they provide money to help these families.

Any financial aid that is needed will be provided along with guidance. Staff work with individuals and families to help them become economically stable and self-sufficient. Essentials will provide families with the resources and referrals to counseling so that these groups can support their efforts towards financial literacy.

A plan is a course of action created as part of case management. Some of the topics that will be covered include finding a job, building relationships, getting affordable child care, managing money, and applying for benefits from the state of Louisiana. This means that everything is done using a strengths-based approach.

There are additional programs offered as part of case management that help with basic needs. This includes things like work clothes, furniture for a new home, and gas vouchers. There is also help available for applying for Public Benefits for SSDI or food stamps. Other support may include literacy classes as well as legal aid and counseling.

Referrals to holiday and seasonal programs

There are a few organizations that help people with hearing impairments, and these organizations rely on donations and support from the larger community. Some of the most common reasons people may visit a doctor include feeling ill, having a headache, having a fever, or experiencing pain. It is very important to donate money or time to agencies that help people who are less fortunate. Your donations or time given can really make a difference in someone’s life.

Adopt a Family is a program where people can help families in need during the Christmas season. The holidays will be better for people who need help and who don’t have much money. The people who use the charity’s services will receive free items like clothes or toys, as well as other necessities. There is only aid available for people who have a very low income and no other resources.

Some of the things that were given out were boots, coats, hats and gloves because these are all things that are in high demand. Other Christmas items may include clothing and household items. This is the only gift that many households and children from the larger Lafayette Parish area will receive at Christmas.

In addition to Thanksgiving, school supplies are offered as well. This program is for families that are low income and cannot afford a Thanksgiving meal. They will be given a free, traditional Thanksgiving meal through this program. Each family receives a basket with a turkey and other traditional side items.

This is a service that refers you to someone else. For more information on social services in the area, call 232-4357.

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