Fairfax County free food banks, soup kitchens and pantries.

There are food pantries in Fairfax County Virginia that may be able to help families with resources. The most important thing is that there are bags of groceries and hot meals available in case of an emergency. Find the locations and phone numbers of the leading non-profit food banks as well as soup kitchens in northern Virginie near you below. For information on hunger prevention services in Fairfax County, call the referral number at the bottom of the page.

To learn more about food pantries and what services they offer, you will need to contact them directly. Each food pantry has its own eligibility requirements for services. There will be restrictions on how much help, groceries, and free food is available, and each situation will be looked at individually. The agencies may provide free groceries, applications to SNAP food stamps, or even a gift card for the local supermarket based on this assessment.

Most of the distribution centers will offer food, clothes, hygiene items, and household items to needy families and individuals in Fairfax County, Virginia, in addition to staples. They can provide free food and toiletries to families in need. There are many organizations that provide food baskets for people in need during the holidays. Some of these organizations are affiliated with churches or other religious groups, while others are secular. To find an organization near you that provides holiday food baskets, you can search online, ask your local food bank, or contact your city or county government. There are some meal programs and feeding sites specifically for low income or homeless people in the area.

The counselors at the food pantries often work with local charities and churches to help distribute free food to people in need. This service provides financial assistance to low-income, elderly, seniors, and disabled individuals and families who have been referred by public or private social service agencies.

The Committee for Helping Others helps coordinate food assistance among local charities, non-profits, and food banks in Vienna, Virginia. If you need help, Fairfax County counselors and specialists are here for you. This organization generally provides referrals to other agencies rather than direct assistance.

The food pantry is located at 2938 Prosperity Avenue Fairfax, Virginia 22031. The phone number is (703)207-9173.

is a professional organization that provides support and resources for individuals with mental illness. McLean, Share, Inc. is a professional organization dedicated to helping those who suffer from mental illness. They offer support and resources to those in need, and work to promote awareness and understanding of mental illness. These resources can be used to help with things such as housing and utility assistance, employment, and referrals to other agencies. The goal of Share is to help those who are struggling and to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to succeed. Some form of support is always arranged, whether it be in the form of WIC vouchers or a free holiday meal.

Northern Virginia Family Services is an organization that fights poverty from multiple angles. Ge can help you apply for food stamps or WIC vouchers. The government offers free baby formula, emergency groceries, job programs, and other help to those in need. If you are in need of assistance, Northern Virginia Family Services may be able to help you.

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Highview Christian Fellowship Church provides assistance to low income families, including those of immigrants and migrant workers. Canned goods, fruits, meats, dairy, and other goods that are not spoiled are offered for free. Some stores may also offer paper goods, personal toiletries, or household supplies.

St. Mary of Sorrows Catholic Church is located at 5222 Sideburn Rd in Fairfax, Virginia. They offer non-perishable emergency food, such as cereal, soup, spaghetti, peanut butter and sauce. For more information, you can call them at 703-978-4141. Fairfax County seniors can get Ensure for nutrition as well.

The Springfield Church of Christ is located at 7512 Old Keene Mill Rd in Springfield, VA. The church’s hours are 703-451-4011.

Catholic Charities of Fairfax County is a church located at 4340 Chain Bridge Road in Fairfax, VA. They offer a number of low-income assistance programs and social services. To learn more, you can call them at 301-864-3115. A food pantry and soup kitchen help families in need by providing them with hot meals and surplus commodities like cheese, dairy, meats, and canned groceries. There are places where you can get financial aid, thrift store, and more in this region. Catholic Charities Fairfax County provides assistance to low-income individuals and families through a variety of programs. These programs include food assistance, financial assistance, housing assistance, and more. Catholic Charities Fairfax County also offers case management and other supportive services to help individuals and families get back on their feet and achieve self-sufficiency.

The St Vincent De Paul Society of St Leos Conference is located at 3700 Old Lee Highway in Fairfax, Virginia. The phone number is 703-352-2324.

Main Street, Columbia, South Carolina The Columbia Center for Missions is located at 301 N. Main Street in Columbia, South Carolina. The number to dial to reach the Washington St. in Falls Church, VA is (703)534-5700.

210Fairfax, VA 22030 The Fairfax Pregnancy Help Center is a place where women can go to get help with their pregnancies. They offer counseling and support to help women through their pregnancies. A&B Fairfax provides free food to women, children, babies, and others. The center may have items such as baby formula, diapers, and other hygiene items that can be given out.

The food pantry is located at 11215 Lee Highway, Suite D, in Fairfax, Virginia. The phone number to dial for the food pantry is (703)591-1600.

The Salvation Army of Fairfax County not only has a food pantry, but also a thrift store and soup kitchen. It can help people who need assistance to apply for government programs like food stamps. If you are struggling to put food on the table during holiday seasons, many organizations offer free meals. There is also a high demand for school supplies and coats from the program. The Salvation Army provides a back to school program that helps children in need get the supplies they need for the new school year. They partner with retailers like Target to provide these supplies.

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There are many websites. The address is 4915 Ox Road, Fairfax, VA 22030. The phone number for the company is (703)385-8700. If you are in need of food, the Salvation Army Fairfax County has a food pantry that can help. This food pantry is free and open to anyone in need.

The Coordinated Services Planning (CSP) is an organization that helps coordinate services for people in need. They have an address and main number so people can easily get in touch with them.

They are open on Tuesdays from 10am-12pm. You can get help if you are in need of food. There is a lot of food here. There is soup, cereal, fruits, and non-perishable groceries. The clients that I see vary greatly in terms of their backgrounds and demographics. I see everything from single mothers to elderly immigrants when I’m working in northern Virginia.

This church provides bags of groceries and hot meals to children, seniors, the unemployed, and those who are struggling.

The Koinonia Foundation is a nonprofit organization located at 6037 Franconia Road Alexandria, VA 22310. Their main telephone number is (703)971-1991. They provide food and other necessities to people in need.

The St. Vincent de Paul Society provides food assistance to those in need through their St. Timothy Conference food pantry. The pantry is located at 13807 Poplar Tree Rd. in Chantilly, VA and can be reached at 800-873-0613. The pantry is open the 3rd Saturday of the month from 10:30 AM to noon. For assistance with things other than food (like referrals to programs that give money to low-income people), please call 800-873-0613.

The Salvation Army is an organization that provides free food, groceries, and perishable items to those in need. Their main location is in Alexandria, Virginia, but they have other locations throughout the state. To find out more information, you can call their hotline at (703)548-0579. This library supports most of Fairfax County.

They supply weekly boxes of food for eligible low income residents. The Capital Area Food Bank provides weekly boxes of food for low income residents in Fairfax County. Many families who are living in poverty may be helped. To learn about programs that provide food during the summer months, or to find a program near you that delivers meals to those in need, visit the Summer Food Service Program website or the Meals on Wheels website.

If you’re in need of food assistance in Sterling, Virginia, you can give the LINK, Inc. food pantry a call at (703) 437-1776.

This is for military personnel, veterans, and their families. This is a call for people who need food, household products, baby formula, and much more. Social workers can also help people connect with government programs that may be able to help them.

The church’s address is 7511 Fordson Road Alexandria, VA 22306, and the phone number is (703)768-7106 Ext 318.

Lorton, VA 22079 The Lorton Community Action Center is located at 9518 Richmond Hwy in Lorton, VA. E Physical education is a class that helps students learn about and participate in physical activity. K. This is fine. Community action agencies are organizations that help people in need by providing them with food, meals, and groceries. These agencies also offer other services such as housing assistance and job training. There are many agencies that can help low income people with their finances. The programs can give you things like clothes and household items, as well as other stuff.

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The Community Church Christian Ministries is a church located at 19790 Ashburn Rd, Ashburn, Virginia 20147. The church can be contacted at (571) 209-5000 for information on assistance from the church, such as free food or clothes. Some organizations offer free holiday and Christmas meals as well as basic necessities like blankets and linens to people in need.

Several churches in Fairfax County provide food for people who are struggling to afford it. There are several churches in the area, such as Saint Stephen’s United Methodist Church, Providence Presbyterian, Little River United Church of Christ, and others. You can find everything from diapers and dairy products to pasta and spaghetti at this store.

The Grace Episcopal Church is located at 3601 Russell Road in Alexandria, Virginia. For hours, please call 703-549-1980.

Annandale Christian Community For Action (ACCA Inc.) is an organization located in Annandale, Virginia that provides various services to the community such as food delivery and Christmas/Thanksgiving meals. They rely on volunteers to help deliver these services.

The James Mott Community Assistance Program provides referrals to food programs for low income clients. To apply, dial 703-222-0880.

The food bank at St. Leo the Great Catholic Church is located at 3700 Old Lee Highway in Fairfax, Virginia. The phone number for the food bank is 703-273-5369.

The Senior Brown Bag program is a food assistance program run by the Yorkville Cooperative. The program provides bags of groceries to seniors in need. Elderly people can receive government-approved groceries and meals, including Ensure.

The Columbia Baptist Church is located on Glen Carlyn Road in Falls Church, Virginia. It can be reached by phone at (703)534-5700.

The Way of Faith Christian Training Center INC. provides emergency boxes of food that meet nutritional needs. If you are a kid or student and you are out of food, you can get snacks, and there is a weekend backpack program. This program provides food assistance to those in need. This assistance is for families in need of immediate help, while they wait for other forms of support, like food stamps. A referral from a social worker is needed to get assistance, which may last for up to 6 months.

Additional free food and meal programs in Fairfax County

There are other food assistance programs in northern Virginia if the one you are looking for is not near you or cannot help you. If you need food, there are places that can help. You can get free meals, canned goods, fresh food, school lunches or breakfast, and more. Get help with applying for public assistance. Please call the provided phone numbers for assistance.

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