Rent Assistance

Fairfield County Ohio housing and rent assistance.

There are many different types of housing assistance available in Fairfield County and Lancaster, Ohio, depending on what kind of help is needed. This can include emergency rent assistance, welfare, section 8 housing, and shelters. There are many agencies that offer help. Some of the main ones are listed below. There are many forms of help available for those in need, including the disabled, homeless, and working poor. This help can come in the form of rent assistance, security deposits, or short term housing.

This means that there is not a lot of money available to pay for things like bills or housing. There are only a few solutions available for rent or energy costs in Fairfield County. Most of the assistance will be in the form of agencies that refer clients to government programs, such as Section 8 or emergency solution grants. Some local lenders may have loans that could help with rental costs or other needs.

Most of the aid available in the region is in the form of shelters or placement in one. This will only apply to homeless people or those who have been evicted. There are programs below that can help you in either situation.

Homeless shelters and transitional housing centers

Lutheran Social Services provides food, laundry, and case management services to clients, including referrals to rent or deposit programs.

The Fairfield County Emergency Shelter provides a safe place for people to stay during times of crisis. They can be contacted by calling 740-653-1960 or 740-503-2381.

The Lancaster-Fairfield County Community Action agency is located at 1743 East Main Street in Lancaster, Ohio. This agency provides shelters for parents with children only. Single adults are not provided with housing. There may also be grants for job placement, TANF welfare information, as well as FEMA grants for rent/utility/or energy bill needs.

The Lighthouse provides a safe space for women, children, and men who are fleeing domestic violence. They can be contacted at (740) 687-4423. Other than the help with finding somewhere to live, there are also services to help with other needs.

Cash assistance including rent programs

The Fairfield County Job and Family Services provides cash assistance to people living in poverty and requires them to find a job. This assistance may help with rent, but it is typically not enough to cover the entire cost. Other forms of support include welfare, LIHEAP, and other forms of assistance.

Volunteers of America Greater Ohio may be able to help with eviction once. They help tenants with legal matters.

There is a range of different housing options available. ESG grants can help Fairfield County residents access permanent housing and cover costs like rent, deposits, or moving expenses. The goal is to stop people from being homeless and to help stabilize families. There is more focus on preventing homelessness in Fairfield County. This includes providing resources and assistance to those at risk of becoming homeless, as well as supporting organizations that help the homeless population.

The Fairfield Metropolitan Housing is a non-profit, public housing agency. It is located at 315 N Columbus Street #200 in Lancaster, Ohio. The agency can be contacted at (740) 653-6618. Other forms of support include Section 8 vouchers, low income apartments, emergency aid, and home buying loan programs. The HUD emergency voucher program provides financial assistance to low-income families who are facing eviction or homelessness. The voucher can be used to cover rent, utilities, and other necessary expenses.

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