Fairfield County transitional, shelters and low income housing.

To find locations of transitional and low income housing programs in Fairfield County Connecticut, you can go to the website of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. There are many organizations that offer different types of housing assistance, from temporary accommodation to long-term transitional housing. Many families in Fairfield have difficulty paying their monthly rent and may become homeless. The programs are designed to help people who are struggling.

Not only can participants find a place to stay, they will also be able to work with case managers and social workers. If you are looking for a long-term, affordable place to live in the area, you can find it together. The goal of transitional housing services is to help people with long-term housing issues.

Low income housing units and programs usually have long waiting lists. However, if a center is unable to help you, they will try to connect you with another resource in the Fairfield County area. If you need help with housing, you can go to a shelter, or get help from a government or nonprofit organization.

The Applied Behavioral Rehabilitation Institute is a organization that helps people with disabilities learn new skills and improve their quality of life. The programs are designed to help with needs such as housing, education, and employment. This organization provides support for female soldiers who are struggling after returning from combat. They offer resources such as counseling and financial assistance to help these women readjust to civilian life. Transitional housing is available for homeless female veterans and their children through community-based assistance programs.

They offer housing and counseling to help residents overcome addiction and life controlling issues. The program is based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Ark Community Residence and Counseling Center is a Christian-based supportive recovery program that offers housing and counseling to help residents overcome addiction and life-controlling issues. The program is based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. The program will also assist clients in finding a permanent home or apartment to live in.

The Bridgeport Rescue Mission provides a faith-based New Life Discipleship program for adults in Fairfield County. The program includes housing, meals, and counseling. The main phone number for the mission is (203) 333-4087. This is a program that provides housing for low-income people who are homeless or at risk of being homeless. The program requires residents to commit for one year and work at least three hours a day. Other support includes things like clothing, help with figuring out what to do next, and other social services.

The St. Lukes Lifework Women’s Shelter is located at 8 Woodland Place in Stamford, Connecticut. The shelter provides a safe place for women who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The shelter offers a variety of services to help women get back on their feet, including case management, housing assistance, and job training.

The Liberation Programs is an outpatient service provider that offers help to those struggling with addiction and substance abuse. The Bridgeport office is located at 399 Mill Hill Avenue and the main phone number is (203) 851-2077.

The women live in the house for up to two years and receive help with education, job training, and other support services. The Refocus Outreach Ministry provides transitional housing for women who are homeless. The women live in the house for up to two years and receive help with education, job training, and other support services. The main phone number for the charity is (203) 332-6747. The program will accept women who have one child who is 0-5 years old. This center helps people who are struggling with addiction by providing support groups, counseling, life skills classes, and assistance with housing and employment.

This is a homeless shelter in Stamford, CT. You can dial the center at (203) 406-0017 for more information.

The Jericho Overflow Homeless Shelter provides a safe place for people who are homeless to stay in Danbury, CT. The shelter also offers meals and other services to help people get back on their feet.

The YMCA Central Connecticut Coast is a organization that provides a variety of services includingAlpha Community Services. They are located in Bridgeport, Connecticut and their main phone number is (203) 366-2809.

The Jean Wallace Residence in Danbury, CT provides transitional housing for single women and women with children for up to two years. The residents are given time to work towards finding and paying for permanent, self-supporting housing. Participants can save money on security deposits and monthly rent expenses while exploring housing alternatives.

The Christian Community Outreach Ministries is a charity agency located at 22 Maple Avenue in Danbury, Connecticut. The agency can be contacted by phone at (203) 748-2266.

They also help with homeless prevention programs. During your stay, try to develop some skills, budget and save money so that you can secure permanent housing and pay the rent and moving costs for it. The residents of the housing authority program will have to pay 30% of their total income for rent.

If you are living in a transitional home in Fairfield County due to past credit and/or eviction problems, you can seek free advice. The authority can tell people where to find resources, like how to rent an apartment despite having an eviction.

Operation Hope of Fairfield is an organization that provides meals, short term residency, and other support for evicted families.

The New Street Homeless Shelter is a place where people can go to get help if they are homeless. They offer food and shelter, and they also help people find jobs and housing.

The Renewal House/Office is located at 18 Aaron Samuels Boulevard in Danbury, CT 06810. The phone number is (203) 791-8050.

The Western Connecticut Mental Health Network (WCMHN) is a group of mental health providers in the western part of the state of Connecticut. The main phone number for the WCMHN is (203) 448-3200.

The program provides housing, food, clothing and case management services to help participants become self-sufficient and transition to permanent housing.

The Malta House of Good Counsel is a maternity home for single, pregnant women who need a place to live. It is located at 5 Prowitt Street in East Norwalk, Connecticut. Receive support for case management, finance and money management, education on nutrition, parenting, affordable health care, career development, and spirituality.

The Interfaith Housing Association is a nonprofit organization based in Westport, Connecticut. It provides affordable housing and support services to low- and moderate-income families in the greater Westport area. The organization also offers a variety of programs and services aimed at helping families become self-sufficient and economically independent.

is a Connecticut non-profit corporation Norwalk Economic Opportunity Now Inc. is a Connecticut non-profit corporation that helps low-income individuals and families achieve economic stability. The address for NEON is South Norwalk, CT 06854 and the phone number is 203-899-2420.

The main phone number for Inspirica, located at 141 Franklin Street in Stamford, CT, is (203) 388-0152.

Inspirica is a nonprofit agency in Stamford, Connecticut that provides short-term transitional housing for families of women with children. It also offers other programs to help women with children start new lives. The clinic also provides care for pregnant women from Fairfield County.

Emerge, Inc. is a company in Stratford, CT that helps people find new homes or apartments to live in the Fairfield County region. You can work with a case manager to find a place that meets your needs.

The Stratford Coalition For The Homeless offers two transitional living facilities for those who are facing eviction or homelessness. The main address is 389 Jackson Avenue Unit 1 Stratford, CT 06615. The phone number to call for more information is (203) 377-0072. Bethlehem House I and Bethlehem House II are both locales that provide individuals in need with a warm and comfortable place to stay. This program provides housing for families who want to improve their circumstances by working with a case manager, finding a job, and attending workshops.

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