Financial aid from Heart of Georgia Community Action Council.

Heart of Georgia Community Action Council helps low income families with their basic needs. The non-profit provides a number of programs to help people who are poor and less fortunate in the region. The services that are offered to people in need vary from things like food and shelter to help with rent and utility bills.

The community action agency offers coverage in nine counties in Georgia: Wilcox, Dodge, Telfair, Bleckley, Laurens, Montgomery, Pulaski, Treutlen, and Wheeler. If a regional charity or non-profit agency is not able to help with a certain issue, referrals may be offered to other agencies.

Financial assistance from Heart of Georgia Community Action Council

This grant provides financial assistance for housing and rent expenses. The focus is on helping the least fortunate and people facing eviction by preventing homelessness and providing rapid re-housing. The homeless and residents who owe rent may also benefit.

He provides rental and eviction prevention assistance to individuals and families who would become homeless in counties such as Laurens, Bleckley, and Pulaski. Other towns are also supported.

The program also helps people who are homeless as defined by HUD and the Federal government to find new housing quickly. This may include giving money to someone to help pay for a security deposit or moving expenses.

The financial assistance offered through this program can help with expenses such as energy bills, rent and utility deposits, moving costs, credit repair, and reimbursement for legal fees from an eviction. The ESG is a grant from the government that helps with energy conservation. HGCAC partners with the Georgia Department of Community Affairs in order to receive the local funding needed to operate this program.

The Heart of Georgia Community Action Council provides families in need with emergency food assistance through the distribution of donated pantry-type foods. Other items that are not meant to be consumed, such as diapers, baby formula, and similar items, may sometimes be available. Food is being distributed through private donations and a grant from the Human Resources Department.

MGCAA also offers referrals. If you need help with government benefits or referrals, please ask the staff. This service provides participants with information about other help that is available from public and private organizations in the community.

Heart of Georgia Community Action Council, Inc. provides counseling services. This advice can help with many different problems that a family may be facing. This service may include help with managing a home, conserving energy, budgeting, reducing debt, and getting free mortgage counseling.

The Indigent Patient Advocate is a resource that helps people who are extremely poor or uninsured to apply directly to pharmaceutical or drug companies. Some people can get cheaper prices on drugs or get them for free. This service helps people who need regular medication but don’t have insurance to cover the costs.

Foreclosure and Housing Counseling can help with a number of different housing-related issues. If you are behind on rent, have defaulted on a mortgage, are having trouble with home improvements or rehabilitation, are being displaced or relocated, or need help understanding the dangers of predatory lending, you can get help from a housing counselor.

The counseling is free and approved by HUD through the MGCAA. It is conducted in group sessions or personal sessions. This service is funded by HUD and GHFA. Some clients may need to pay small amounts of money.

Emergency Financial Assistance is a service that helps people in different ways depending on their needs at the time. The majority of assistance from the non-profit is providing help for food, clothing, prescriptions, shelter assistance, rent or utility payments.

The Heart of Georgia Emergency Assistance program is funded by a variety of sources, including churches, charities, private individuals, non-profit organizations, and some government funding. There are three possible sources of funding for this project: the Federal government, the State government, and the County government. This service is for fixing an immediate problem in your home rather than a long-term one.

There are a few energy bill assistance programs in Georgia that offer a one-time annual heating payment for eligible low income households. One key program is LIHEAP. The grant is available during winter every year and is funded by the federal government and the Georgia Department of Human Resources. This financial aid program also has an emergency fund for when there is a need for it.

The Home Delivered Meals service can help disabled and seniors people from Laurens, Pulaski, and Wilcox counties. It can provide free or low cost meals to people who are not able to leave their homes. This means that they will receive at least one third of the nutrients that they need on a daily basis.

The Home Delivered Meals from the Heart of Georgia and its partners deliver meals to both rural areas and urban centers such as cities and towns in Dodge, Telfair, Wilcox, Bleckley, Laurens, and Montgomery County. The elderly clients can also benefit from being driven by volunteers to socialize, maintaining independence, health monitoring, and of course the meal / food.

Weatherization can make a big difference for low-income households who struggle to pay their heating and cooling bills, especially for disabled people, seniors and children. By making their homes more energy-efficient, weatherization can help these families stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, while also saving money. It helps people make their homes more energy efficient and healthy.

The government is giving money to families in Georgia so they will save money by using less energy.

The Heart of Georgia Community Action Council has made changes and updates to the way air flow is reduced and repaired by trained professionals. This service may include adding insulation to the attic, fixing windows, repairing thresholds, caulking, replacing water heaters, and/or replacing light bulbs with more efficient ones. This means that the home will be better insulated so that heat is not lost and the home will be warm.

The Senior Center is a place where elderly people in the community can go to socialize and participate in activities. The organization gives old people social and educational services, information on Medicare, nutritional support, and more. The program also provides a home meal delivery service for those who are not able to attend the center. These services are designed to help people stay in their current homes instead of having to move to a nursing home or other type of facility for the elderly.

Heart Homes is an apartment complex that is safe and affordable for seniors and the disabled. There are many different places that you can go to get housing through a grant. This means that clients who have government assistance with their rent can live here.

Educational resources

Head Start is a program that provides children under the age of 6 from low-income families with government funding. Child development, or Head Start, helps children learn and grow in a safe and supportive environment. It also provides support for parents to help them raise their children.

The program recognizes that the parents are the child’s first teacher. The staff and teachers from this agency work with the parents to help them provide their child with a quality education.

This resource focuses on both Child Development and Health Services, with a focus on Prevention and Early Intervention. The Heart of Georgia Community Action Council also assists with providing Nutritional needs which include the Physical Growth, Food Variety, and snacks. There is also literacy, which includes continuing education for parents, reading is fundamental and development of pre-literacy skills of the children.

Locations of Heart of Georgia Community Action Council

The Bleckley Community Service Center is located on 83 Lumpkin Street in Hawkinsville, Georgia. To speak to someone at the company, please call (478) 783-1013.

The Dodge County Community Service Center is located at 324 Pine Street in Eastman, Georgia. My telephone number is 478-374-2261.

The Laurens Community Service Center is a local center that helps the community in various ways. The main phone number for the center is (478) 275-0478. The center is located on 127 High Street in Dublin, GA 31021.

The Montgomery County Community Service Center is located at 391 W Morrison St. in Mt. Vernon, GA 30445. The main phone number for this company is (912) 583-2163.

The Pulaski Community Service Center is located at 83 Lumpkin Street in Hawkinsville, GA. The phone number is (478) 783-1013.

The Telfair County Community Service Center is a place where people in the county can go to get help with various services. The center is located at 713 Telfair Street in McRae, Georgia, and its phone number is (229) 868-5966.

The Treutlen County Community Service Center is located at 127 High Street in Dublin, Georgia. To get information, call (478) 275-0478.

The Wheeler County Community Service Center helps people in need and is located at 91 W Morrison St., Mt. Vernon, GA 30445. The phone number to dial for assistance is (912) 583-2163.

The Wilcox County Community Service Center is a local organization that helps residents in need. They provide a variety of services such as food and clothing assistance, job placement, and financial counseling. To make an appointment, please call the center at (229) 365-0077.

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