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Financial assistance and social services Baton Rouge Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army can provide basic needs and emergency assistance in Baton Rouge. They provide various types of assistance such as social services, case work, counseling, food, free Christmas gifts, school backpacks or uniforms, and emergency financial assistance with rent or air conditioning bills.

There is an increasing number of people in the Baton Rouge Louisiana area who are being helped by the Salvation Army. The number of people asking for help with basic needs such as food, shelter, and jobs is increasing, and there is a lot of demand for assistance.

Advice, referrals and case management services in Baton Rouge

The Salvation Army offers many programs across Louisiana that mostly consist of counseling and casework. The services provided by the government can help with finding a job, managing finances, or learning new skills. For example, resources can help a young, single mother who is homeless and living in a Salvation Army transitional housing facility, or provide aid, counseling and advocacy for a victim of spousal abuse, or provide support for a family dealing with disease. The Salvation Army will help people who are in need, no matter their background or personal situation. To reach someone by telephone, dial their number. In this case, the number to dial is (225) 355-4483.

Salvation Army case workers are a valuable resource to the community as well. They work to improve the lives of people who are struggling with poverty, hunger, and unemployment. Many people in the East Baton Rouge area go to them for help and advice. There is help available for those who are homeless, unemployed, minorities, and others. This website provides information on using computers for work, taking smartphone and IT classes, and attending high tech workshops. This means that depending on how much money you are willing to donate, you could potentially get a free computer for your job or school.

Free stuff and Salvation Army emergency financial help

There are programs that offer financial assistance and emergency social services in Baton Rouge. The organization will help people who can’t take care of themselves by providing them with the necessities of life. The Salvation Army provides people in need with access to food, clothing, financial assistance, shelter, and other necessities. There are two local centers, one at 4025 West Brookstown Drive, Baton Rouge, and the other at 7361 Airline Highway, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The telephone numbers for each are (225) 357-3267 and (225) 355-4483, respectively.

The Salvation Army provides food and meals through its partnership with 25 canteens and thrift stores in the region. There are locations and pantries in seven Parishes of Greater Baton Rouge that low income people can go to. The canteens and the agency will be partnering with other groups such as Meal-On-Wheels and Catholic Charities to deliver hundreds of meals to elderly shut-ins and disabled people throughout the Greater Baton Rouge Louisiana area.

There is help available for seniors. The 55-plus age category is the group that is growing the fastest in the state and across the country. The Salvation Army programs that are designed for older adults are more important than ever.

The organization serves thousands of senior citizens and older adults across Baton Rouge every year. Older adults and the elderly often visit community centers to get a meal, share interests, develop new skills, and enjoy the company of others. The Salvation Army often operates the centers. There are other programs in Louisiana that help senior citizens of all income levels.

Housing and Homeless Services can be things like emergency shelters, group homes, and short term transitional living centers. They offer a place to stay and help for a while, for different lengths of time. The centers also provide services such as counseling, education, job training, and vocational services to people who are poverty-stricken or homeless for extended periods. If you need help paying your rent, there are programs that can assist you. For example, Section 8 is a government program that provides housing vouchers to help low-income families pay their rent. The shelters help the Baton Rouge homeless by giving them food and a place to stay overnight.

Christmas programs and services that help those in need are offered by many organizations. The holidays and Christmas are joyful because people are sharing and caring. Donations provide Christmas dinners, toys, and clothing for low income and families in need in Baton Rouge. More money may be given during holidays to help with things that are needed and things that are related to the season.

The Salvation Army red kettle is a part of Christmas where people can donate money. Donations help support seniors, needy families, and the homeless in the community.

In addition to those holiday programs, volunteers distribute gifts to people who cannot leave their homes because they are sick, have no home, or are in jail. Sitting down for dinner around Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas will also be an option at the center.

Location of Salvation Army social services in Baton Rouge Parish

This office provides services to the community. The main Salvation Army location is in Baton Rouge on West Brookstown Drive. The phone number is (225) 357-3267. The Family Store is a store that helps low to moderate income families by selling them items they need. The Salvation Army is a resource for financial help, substance abuse counseling, free items, and anything else.

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