Financial help from Samaritans Helping Hand charity programs.

The main services from Samaritans Helping Hand are designed to help those who are very low income, including the disabled and seniors or families with children. The agency works closely with other non-profit organizations and government agencies to address short term emergencies.

The main goal of the charity is to help people become self-sufficient, but they also provide guidance and assistance for people in need during an emergency. This may include everyday tasks such as paying bills, applying for government assistance, or filling out unemployment paperwork and job applications.

Referrals for basic needs

There are a variety of services available in the community, but Helping Hand does not operate all of them. Case managers can connect families with resources that can help them with their struggles.

USDA approved and organized commodity food programs are focused on children, new mothers, and seniors. Clients can receive food that comes in cans and packages. The goal is to prevent hunger.

San Bernardino offers summer food options for children and students. This program is designed to help youth have access to healthy food options year-round, even when free school breakfasts or lunches are not available.

There is a lack of affordable housing in the region and housing assistance, ranging from shelter to transitional homes or one time rent help, can address this issue. Tenants face difficulties such as a difficult economy and high living and rental costs. This has caused many people of all ages and backgrounds to not have a roof over their head. Many families in San Bernardino work full-time, but still can’t afford rent or utilities. Some are struggling just to keep up with their housing costs.

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The Samaritans Helping Hand have knowledgeable staff who work with low to moderate income clients. They give them the assistance, advice and skills they need to maintain their households or apartment. This may not be the best option in some cases. If someone is unable to keep their housing, the agency will help them find new housing that is safe and affordable.

The staff and volunteers at Samaritans Helping Hand also provide advice on how to prevent homelessness. This organization also provides stabilization and case management services to help families with their rent or mortgage payments and to make sure they can keep their housing. They also work with families on other educational and family goals.

One-time financial assistance is a program that gives people money to help them resolve a short-term crisis. The amount of money that people can get from this program is limited. The funds provided by Helping Hands are intended to help with immediate expenses related to utilities, housing, transportation, health care, and employment. The community may raise money to help people pay for things like rent and utilities, or to cover emergency medical and dental expenses. Another goal is providing people with a way to get to work, such as a bus ticket or voucher.

Case management services from Samaritans Helping Hand

The charity Samaritans Helping Hand is focused on breaking the cycle of poverty or homelessness. This can often be achieved by teaching people new skills and helping them find jobs. So that this can happen, there are literacy services for adults across San Bernardino County who have trouble learning in a more traditional educational setting. The aim is to give the best training, support and teaching plan to those taking part.

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There are other types of educational support available too. Volunteers and staff from Samaritans Helping Hand and other groups work to help those in need across the county. ESL, literacy, and computer classes are some of the services offered. The goal is to help people get the education they need and find good jobs that pay well.

A holistic approach means looking at the whole problem and not just the symptoms. This approach is taken to address the cause of the hardship. The staff member and the participant will have an in-depth conversation to get to know each other. The Samaritans Helping Hand organization advises people to be prepared to share information about all aspects of their lives, including income and expenses, so that a family development plan can be created.

The case management process will consider many different factors. This means that someone’s ability to meet their needs in terms of transportation, employment, education, childcare, income, nutrition, substance abuse, and mental health is important. The client will be sent to different educational places in either San Bernardino county or California state. These places will teach the client important life skills and how to search for jobs.

The plans identify potential obstacles so that they can be dealt with accordingly. The case manager checks in with the participant regularly to see how they are doing and offer help where needed. This is more continuous, as the process continues until the client reaches economic independence.

Services that may be offered as part of holistic case management support include, but are not limited to, child care services, transportation, education, and assistance with energy and housing costs. If someone needs it, they are sent to places that will teach them the skills they need for the job they want or for life in general.

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A Thrift Store is a place where people can go to buy and donate second-hand items. This site provides a voucher system for gently used household goods, clothing and furniture to help those in need feel respected and dignified. The Samaritans Helping Hand thrift store is open to the public and sells items at reasonable prices.

The local store has a lot of good quality clothes, work or school uniforms, and other unique items. It’s like a second-hand boutique. The items in the Thrift Store are affordably priced so that everyone can shop here, and the store also supports the agency’s operations through the funds it generates.

If you need help or know someone who does, you can call 888-435-7565 to speak to someone at Helping Hand. They can help connect you or your family with the resources you need.

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