Financial help from Wichita County Interfaith Ministries services.

Interfaith Ministries provides several programs to help people become self-sufficient and provide emergency assistance. This charity provides assistance to immigrants, those on public benefits, and people facing poverty in the region. While much of the aid, such as for rent or security deposits is limited and comes with restrictions, the agency will often have alternative suggestions.

Interfaith Ministries provides support to people within 50 miles of CITA – Community Interpreting and Translating Assistance. Volunteers will help immigrants and newcomers who don’t speak English to communicate with people in the Wichita Falls County area. This is an important service because it will help them feel more welcome and included.

CITA can help individuals apply for community services and public aid, such as health benefits, job training, education, cash assistance, and other social services. It is important for Spanish or other non-English speakers to be able to key in their language. To reach the Department of Public Safety, please dial 940-322-1365.

Interfaith Ministries provides vouchers for prescription medications. This program is for people with disabilities or chronic illnesses who also have low incomes. This is for residents who live in either Wichita County or Holliday, Texas.

The program is intended to be used as a last resort. Applicants for this program must have used up all other government programs (such as Medicaid) as well as any local or non-profit resources for prescriptions. When applying for assistance, proof of hardship, income, and other conditions are needed. This program relies on involvement from local pharmacies and drug companies to provide discounts on medication. The project is conducted from 1101 11th St, Wichita Falls, Texas. To speak to someone at the 940-264-6131 phone number, dial the number and wait for the other person to answer.

The charity does not only help with small things, but also with disasters. Interfaith Ministries collaborates with other organizations, including the American Red Cross and Salvation Army, to provide assistance and relief efforts. They help people in the area, including those in Wilbarger, Wichita, Archer, and other counties. There may be a place to stay, food, water, and more provided. Volunteers and first responders play an important role in this program.

Interfaith Ministries runs a food bank that provides food for people in need. They provide food, cleaning supplies, and other necessary items to families each month. The pantry can help people save money on groceries each month, which can then be used to pay other bills. The center is used most by low-income residents of Holliday and Wichita County who are struggling.

If you are waiting to receive federally funded SNAP food stamps, you may be able to get groceries in addition to what is in the pantry. Interfaith Ministries also provides emergency resources for people facing hunger.

Some companies offer programs that help you pay your utility bills. If you are qualified, you may receive cash assistance if you are disconnected. There could be funds available to help pay for Reliant or TXU electric bills, natural gas costs, or even water bills. While not as common, you may also need to pay a utility deposit or reconnection fee. This is only for people who have some form of income, even if it is from TANF, a job, disability, or Social Security.

There may be some financial assistance available for rent or emergency housing, including help with security deposits. This aid from Interfaith Ministries is mostly for people who already have some form of income. In order to be eligible for emergency housing assistance, most people need to have an eviction notice and be at risk of homelessness. This is needed because the tenant needs to be able to pay the rent on their own in the future, and the support from the Ministry is supposed to be a one-time thing.

The aid is given to people as they come and ask for it. We don’t have a lot of money, and it might even change from day to day. This means that not all of the need will be taken care of, like only part of the rent or energy bills. If Interfaith Ministries is not able to help with your needs, then other churches or non-profits in the region will be contacted for assistance.

The main center is at 1101 11th St., Wichita Falls, Texas 76301. Please call the office at (940) 322-1365.

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