Financial support from Parish Outreach Center.

The Parish Outreach Center is a place where people can get help with both money and becoming independent. The goal is to have a lot of different organizations working together to help people who are struggling. It is important to coordinate with other non-profits in Suffolk County so that duplicate services are not provided.

The Parish Outreach Center has partnered with many agencies and charities over time, including civic and social organizations, foundations, private residents, businesses, and other individuals who share its goals. They work together to help as many people as possible using the limited resources they have.

Parish Outreach Center helps people in poverty find stability in their lives and their families’ lives by working with families who are trying to be self-sufficient but may be receiving public assistance. The center provides parents with the resources they need to finish their education and get the job skills they need for a long-term job.

Case management is a key service that helps people with a range of needs. The program provides skills needed for the job market and increases earning potential, hopefully ending the need for government assistance. If people invest in their education, they may have higher salaries and incomes in the future, which could help them escape poverty.

If someone wants to stay enrolled, they need to participate in financial and life skills counseling sessions and sign up for community service in Suffolk County. The Parish Outreach Center provides assistance to people in need so that they can take advantage of government and private benefits. There may be cheap childcare, transport and grants to help pay utility bills. A key to stopping homelessness in the community is to have as wide a network of people as possible.

There is free help available for filling out applications for government benefits from the state of New York. This is a service that helps low-income households who meet the income criteria. The assistance helps educate clients on benefits they may be eligible for such as the Earned Income Tax Credit, SNAP food benefits, health insurance, or housing. This is a temporary solution while the client is going through the case management process.

Clients also have access to monthly financial literacy classes and workshops that offer them education and resources regarding their personal finances. Some topics covered in these workshops and classes include using coupons, credit counseling, reducing debts, budgeting, home ownership, and saving money for furthering their education. The main focus is to illustrate and teach people from the community, regardless of their income, how to be financially responsible. There are tips on how to save money and grow your wealth. This includes advice on investing in stocks and other assets, as well as how to create a diversified portfolio.

Some charities in Suffolk County can help with things like transportation to work or, very rarely, donated cars. Other times, the automobile will be used as a tool to help people in need sustain employment. This is a good opportunity for both the donor and recipient of the car, and it helps keep people employed in the community. Some people can get referrals to a local Automotive Repair Shop that offers routine maintenance on the vehicle.

Crisis assistance is available to help families with living costs. There is usually support available for people who need money, are unemployed and waiting for a new job to start, or have a one-off emergency. This may include money for things like rent or food, and medications.

Location and contact information

Other resources that may be available from the Parish Outreach Center or the community include free food from pantries, clothing, and basic needs. If a staff member is unable to help a client with their needs, they may refer them to another agency that can help. Call the charity at (631)281-5634 to donate.

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