Find emergency help from Roarke Center.

The Roarke Center provides assistance in partnership with local churches and charities. The resources are limited in scope, for example the medical clinic is only open one day per week. However, the Rensselaer County organization will always be willing to help in a crisis.

They can help with money for housing things like heating bills or rent. The staff also tries to help the working poor in Troy New York become more independent, for example by improving their literacy skills. There are even services available for ex-criminals, such as the Roarke Connection program.

The Roarke Center Emergency Basic Needs Program helps with expenses related to everyday living. The staff can help clients get prescriptions that aren’t for drugs, vouchers for gas or bus tickets for work, clothing, or food. There can be other forms of support available too, although they are less common. This may include help with rent and mortgage payments, natural gas or water bills, school supplies, and holiday food and toys.

The staff assesses each applicant’s needs through collaborative efforts with local churches and interviews with volunteers. They will be given suggestions for places that can help them, like public benefit in Rensselaer County or the Roarke Center. In addition, a Community Specialist sponsored by Roarke Center is available one day each week in the Office to meet with clients about applying for various government benefits, such as disability or food assistance.

The Roarke Center operates clinics that serve children from low-income families who are covered by Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), or private insurance. There is also basic dental or medical care arranged for adults who are uninsured and self-paying. The medical providers in Troy, New York only offer services one day per week. The doctors will not only treat the child, but the whole family.

The Clinic offers a wide variety of high-quality services for patients and children from birth to age 18, including preventive and acute care. The Rensselaer County regional clinic has a team of nurses, a medical assistant, support staff, physicians, and volunteers. All of these individuals consider the patient’s overall health, nutrition and home environment when making decisions.

There are food pantries in both southern and downtown Troy. The food bank can help some people by providing free food for a short period of time. This assistance is typically for low-income elderly people, single parents, children, and families who are in need. Other people from the community can still use the pantry, but they may need a reduced fee for their groceries. So the Roarke Center provides both free and reduced-priced groceries.

The Roarke Center Learning Center offers classes to all Troy residents. Events such as seminars and workshops are held in order to allow people to gain knowledge on a particular subject. These events are often led by an expert on the topic, and attendees have the opportunity to ask questions and learn from the experience of the presenter. They can help with finding a job, managing money, legal problems, and becoming a US citizen. Many support services are either free or offered at a reduced cost.

There are other job skill development opportunities in Troy, New York. There are classes to help prepare for the General Educational Development (GED) test, English as a Second Language (ESL), computer literacy, and other IT skills. Volunteers from the Roarke Center and local churches work with schools and workforce centers to help people in the community.

The Adult Literacy sessions can be either in a group setting or as an individual session. They may provide instruction in ESL or basic academic skills, such as mathematics or reading. This service can be combined with other services that teach job skills, such as sewing, weaving, and writing. This is all set up to help the person get a job that is either new or better in the Rensselaer County area.

The center also offers other services, such as Roarke Connection, which helps women from Troy who are leaving jail. Or the staff will help the less fortunate in applying for state of New York aid. The services offered include but are not limited to: -Tutoring -Mentoring -College and Career Readiness -Drop-In Center -Arts and Recreation -And More! The address for these services is 107 4th Street, Troy, New York 12180. The phone number to reach them is (518) 273-8351.

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