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Find help from Bastrop County St. Vincent.

To find out what programs Bastrop County St. Vincent offers, look for information about the organization online. The church has services for people of all ages, races, religions, and backgrounds. If someone needs a box of groceries, the charity can direct the client to the food bank. If someone needs information on rental assistance, the charity can direct the client to Bastrop County Housing Authority. If someone needs applications to LIHEAP, the charity can direct the client to Community Action.

This means that you can get help without anyone else knowing and that the person helping you cares about your wellbeing. There are no opinionated statements being made. The person who is looking for help needs to be the one who takes action to gain self-sufficiency, because only that person can break the cycle of poverty or struggles.

Voucher based aid from St. Vincent

St. Vincent de Paul of Bastrop provides furniture from thrift stores to people in need. There is usually a low cost for the goods, but in some special cases the goods are given out for free. This allows a household to save money so they can pay for security deposits on a new home, phone connection fees, rent and other immediate bills. There may be furniture available for those in need, such as beds, couches, cribs, and baby supplies. Kitchen essentials, such as toasters, plates, and silverware, may also be available. Access to the free furniture program is limited to verified need.

This program sends out volunteers to deliver meals to them. In Bastrop County, there is a program that delivers meals to senior citizens or disabled members who are unable to make it to a pantry or feeding site. Volunteers deliver the meals to these individuals. Volunteers from St. Vincent churches in Elgin, Texas will bring food to people’s homes. They try to offer a meal or box of food that meets specific dietary restrictions. A small amount of money given to someone as a way of showing thanks is usually appreciated. If the person receiving the meal does not answer the door, the emergency contact will be notified.

Vouchers for food can be redeemed at a pantry or soup kitchen that is part of the Saint Vincent network. The center should be close to the applicant’s address in Elgin to minimize transportation.

In order to apply for food assistance from the voucher, applicants must provide a proof of address, picture identification for all adults and children, Social Security cards for the household, and a proof of loss or crisis such as a lay-off notice. A voucher will only be issued a few times a year.

Support services and financial aid from the churches

The Emergency Assistance Program from Bastrop County St. Vincent is designed to help people who are in a financial crisis. The program provides assistance with things like food, rent, and utilities. There may be cash loans available to help those in need of emergency housing due to eviction, fire, flood, natural disaster, energy bill crisis, or homelessness. The non-profit may also help pay for things that the person needs to be independent, like gas money.

If you need help with medical expenses, let us know and we can see what options are available. There are a lot of people in Texas who don’t have health insurance. The society can help a family by giving them information about local clinics for health check ups and how to get prescription vouchers for needed medication.

St. Vincent tries to keep children out of poverty by providing them with homes, instead of facilities or institutions. Can provide financial assistance with finding permanent housing for the homeless and the at risk, and cover a portion of rent or a security deposit. There is also advice in locating temporary shelter in Bastrop County for those affected by fire, flood, or other natural disaster.

Volunteers from St. Vincent can help you with information on state and federal government benefits available to you. There is always high demand for help with energy bills, and LIHEAP offers tips on how to apply for assistance. They can also give you information about other aid programs.

Volunteers from Bastrop County St. Vincent help people with their finances. They will help you to understand how to manage your money so that you can make the most of it. This program offers a variety of services. They help people with money-related issues like savings and checking accounts, loans, credit, credit scores, and overall financial counseling.

The churches are located in Elgin, but also serve other areas of Bastrop County. To get more information, call (512)285-3882.

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