Find help from Human Services Programs of Carroll County.

There are a number of Human Services Programs in Carroll County that can help people with their basic needs. There are many organizations that help people with their housing, food, and energy needs. Both government money and private donations are used to pay for these programs.

If you are homeless or about to be evicted in the county, you may be able to get help with your rent or other financial needs. There are several shelters located in different parts of Carroll County, Maryland. A goal of the HSP is to help low-income people find housing and to prevent them from being evicted.

Financial help for paying bills from Human Services Programs

The Emergency Assistance Program from community action agencies provides financial aid for low-income residents of Carroll County who face unexpected emergencies. We focus on helping people who are experiencing homelessness or situations that make them likely to become homeless. We want to help them keep their independence and self-sufficiency.

You have to make an appointment to be able to get help with rent or housing. They will be evaluated and need to give documents that show the household’s costs and earnings. Can the person keep up the good work after the services are done?

Service Linked Housing helps people who are low-income or at-risk to find permanent housing and connect to social services and non-profits in their community. The goals of the program are to keep families from becoming homeless by providing them with someone to help manage their case, and to help make them more independent.

The Rental Assistance Program is limited in scope. HSP’s goal is to show that even people who are very poor or homeless can keep a roof over their head for a long time. Human Services is working with the Carroll County Bureau of Housing and Community Development to provide short-term, emergency Rental Assistance. The program will provide additional rent payments to landlords or directly to tenants, in some cases the tenant will need to repay the funds.

The Maryland Energy Assistance Program provides financial assistance to low-income households to help pay winter heating bills. The program is administered by the Office of Home Energy Programs. The purpose of this program is to help lower-income households manage the costs of heating their homes. This program helps people who are struggling to pay their electric bills. This means that if you are income-eligible and a resident of Carroll County, the government will pay your utility bills directly. Applications for the MEAP program can be obtained from the HSP office, by mail, or at Senior Centers.

If you are a low income resident in a crisis situation, such as having your utilities cut off or not having enough heating fuel, you should contact the Human Services Programs main office to make an appointment as soon as possible. There may be some government grants available to help pay for utilities to prevent a disconnection.

The Family Links Program helps people who are at risk by giving them information and referrals to agencies that can help them. The first step in finding the right resources and programs is to explore the options that are available. Some of the assistance that may be available includes organizations that provide cars to low-income families, food stamps or Compukids which provides computer training to low-income children.

The case managers from Human Services Programs of Carroll County assess each situation and work with the client to prioritize all needs. The Family Links workers provide crisis counseling to them. They will work together to create a plan that will help them achieve their goals.

The Second Chances program is a free store offered by the Human Services Programs of Carroll County. This store provides clothing and other necessary items to people in need. Second Chances is a store that sells donated items such as furniture, clothing, books, and toys. The store is for people who are transitioning from shelters to permanent housing. If you live in Carroll County and need help, you can go to the office and get a voucher to shop at Second Chances. This means that low-income families can receive free items, clothing, or holiday goods as well.

The Holiday Program of Neighbors in Need Year Round helps low-income and working poor Carroll County residents by making the holidays (including Thanksgiving and Christmas) a wonderful experience. The agency will help people get free holiday presents for their families.

If you are a low-income family and you qualify, you may either be adopted for the holidays or you may be able to go to the Holiday Shop and get free clothes or toys. This is a great way for businesses, individuals, organizations, and churches to give back during the Christmas holidays.

Shelters in Carroll County

Very short term housing can provide a place to stay for the homeless. HSP believes that helping people is just the first step of many on the way to achieving self-sufficiency. The Supportive Housing Program is a government-funded program that provides social services to help people find permanent, affordable housing and become independent again. Services provided by the program include housing counseling and case management.

The services are available to help families from the time they live in the shelter to when they find permanent housing. The goal of this program is to help clients find government benefits and resources that can help them pay a security deposit. The goal of the organization is to help people become self-sufficient and contributing members of the community. They do this by providing services that extend beyond the shelter stay. This way, clients can learn the skills they need to maintain their new lifestyle.

The Domestic Violence Safe House is a place where women who are trying to escape domestic violence can go. HSP partners with the state of Maryland Family and Children’s Services to operate it. The Safe House also welcomes dependent children of the female, in addition to the female herself. Safe House programming includes not only providing individuals with a safe and nurturing shelter, but also counseling, legal aid, advocacy, and referrals to qualified attorneys.

The Cold Weather Sheltere Program offers people in Carroll County who are homeless, as well as seniors or the general public, a safe place to stay during extreme weather conditions in the winter in Maryland.

The Intact Family Shelter believes that it is important for families to stay together. The center is a place where people can feel safe and comfortable. Guests will receive services related to managing their case. HSP will help clients by giving them customized resources and tools to target the reasons why they are homeless. The goal is for families who were in the shelter to achieve stability and find a permanent place to live within a few months.

A Women’s and Children’s Shelter is a safe place for homeless women and their dependent children. The program helps people become more independent by giving them access to resources and support. The workers from Human Services help the clients set goals and then work with them to achieve those goals.

Disabled people can get housing that is permanent. There are various support services and programs available for people with mental or physical disabilities. The community action agency provides housing for homeless men and women who are able to care for themselves and maintain their living quarters.

Disabled clients are given housing in leased apartments and access to case management, job training and more. The goal is to help people be more independent and able to do things on their own. To live in the housing, you must pay the security deposit, part of the rent, client fees, and monthly bills for utilities.

Permanent housing is available for non-elderly disabled persons. This organization provides services and support to residents who are receiving financial assistance for housing from the Carroll County Bureau of Housing and Community Development. The purpose of this program is to help clients find and pay for permanent housing, to help them be more independent, and to learn new skills or earn income.

Employment, training, and case management services

The Carroll County Family Center is a part of the Human Services Program. They work to strengthen families by providing programs that teach parents how to be self-sufficient and provide them with the necessary skills to be an effective parent. This is a program where a variety of activities can happen at the same time.

Participants go to classes to learn about different topics that can help them in their everyday life, such as how to speak English, how to use a computer, how to be a good parent, how to stay healthy, and how to advocate for themselves. They also learn skills like budgeting that can help them in their everyday lives. This means that while their children are receiving quality early childhood services, parents can also be working on their degree. This means that children from low income families receive extra care to make sure they are developing and growing correctly.

The community action agency can help with things like figuring out what to do in a crisis, planning goals, and connecting with other resources that can help in the community.

Opportunity WORKS is a program that helps people learn the skills they need to get a job and be successful in the workplace. The purpose of this program is to help clients gain work experience, find employment, and become involved in and give back to the community. Clients can work with case managers to identify and maintain employment.

Clients may be placed into work opportunities. These will include helping to operate Second Chances, working for Shop to Help HSP, the HSP free store, or even the agencies e-commerce fundraising business on eBay. Some employers offer part-time jobs or internships.

The HSP Economic Success Program is part of Opportunity WORKS. This organization provides services such as free tax preparation, credit counseling, tax credit education, workshops on financial management, and counseling on the subject of working toward financial independence.

The office for Human Services Programs of Carroll County is located at 10 Distillery Dr., Downtown Westminster, Maryland 21157. Please call 410-857-2999.

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