Assistance Program

Florida Public Utilities / FPU assistance programs.

If you’re struggling to pay your energy bills, Florida Public Utilities may be able to help. The company can help low-income customers find local charities and non-profits to get help from. Some programs that are offered by FPU include payment plans, billing programs, and other aid.

Budget billing can help people by evening out their payments throughout the year so they have a more consistent bill. If you are up to date with your account, you can register. The weather, new appliances, and changing fuel costs can all affect how much people pay for utilities each month. So the FPU budget billing plan will help even out a families monthly energy costs and prevent big changes that would otherwise occur from those or other events. This means that people will be able to pay the same amount each month, with an annual true-up happening once per year.

If you have either a gas or electric connection, you can call 800.427.7712 to join. This is the customer service number for propane. This means that Florida Public Utilities will take the total amount you were billed over the last 12 months, and divide it by 12. This will give them your average monthly usage. If someone received service work or there were some other type of unusual circumstances, their monthly amount may differ.

FPU representatives will occasionally review your Budget Billing account to make sure that your monthly budget payments are not too low or too high. This means that if your monthly payments vary by 10%, your new monthly payment will be a fixed amount.

FPU will evaluate a customer’s account every year. A true up is when the actual value is equal to the expected value. This will change the monthly amount in the future and customers will either be charged an extra fee or given a credit. The monthly billing amount will be recalculated to include any differences from the previous year. The true up amounts are the results.

Many assistance programs for low income customers are offered in partnership with regional social-service organizations or government assistance. There are many charities and non-profits in the area that FPU serves, such as the Salvation Army, local churches, or community action agencies. They are ready and willing to help those in need, as long as they have the resources to do so.

Some of the government benefits that are commonly used by customers include the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. This grant program provides funding that can be used to pay for cooling or heating bills. The crisis component of LIHEAP can help FPU customers who are in danger of having their service disconnected.

If you are struggling to pay your Florida Public Utilities bill, or if you are facing eviction, you should call Florida Public Utilities. The company will go over any payment plans or programs that customers can join. The customer care team can help you with any questions or concerns you have about your natural gas or electric service. You can reach them at 800.427.7712. Call 855.583.4973 if you use propane. Other companies that provide energy to Florida Public Utilities include Central Florida and Indiantown Gas, Crescent Propane, and the Peninsula Pipeline Company. If they need help, we can offer it to them.

If you are unable to pay your bill on time, please call the Customer Care Team. It’s important to stay on top of things and not fall behind, so that you have more time and more options. Please see the phone numbers above. If you don’t want your bill to become delinquent, you should call FPU right away. The energy company may be willing to work out a different payment plan or give the household more time to pay the bill if the customer meets certain conditions or if other circumstances permit.

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