Food Pantries

Food banks and free pantries in San Luis Obispo County.

There are free food pantries and government programs available to help low income families or those living in poverty in the San Luis Obispo County area. Food banks may provide applicants with a few days’ worth of groceries, personal hygiene items, or clothing, depending on need and income. Some residents of San Luis Obispo County with very low incomes may be able to get help from CalFresh.

The food boxes provided to a family will also try to take into account special dietary needs, so this means that children, seniors, and even immigrants may receive support. There are many services that provide assistance with food in San Luis Obispo County. These services include providing dairy items, baby formula, Ensure for the elderly, and Meals on Wheels for the homebound. The following are some of the most prominent charities and non-profit organizations that operate food pantries.

Volunteers work to provide food for those who are needy, homeless, and struggling. This charity consists of religious groups, churches, and non-profit organizations. There may be free food boxes, clothing for work or school, and even propane available to those in need.

SAFE South County is a family resource center that helps families in need by providing resources and services to enrich their lives. The social services department in San Luis Obispo County provides assistance to residents who speak English and Spanish. Services include help with food, housing, and healthcare. The food pantry provides free food, as well as basic necessities such as holiday meals and cooking/parenting classes. If you are in Paso Robles, Oceano, Nipomo, or Arroyo Grande High School area, you can dial 805-237-3470, 805-473-4242, 805-473-5561, or 805-473-7023.

The Five Cities Christian Women organization is based out of Grover Beach, California. The main address for the organization is 192 South 9th Street, Unit B. The organization focuses on helping Christian women in five different cities.

The AIDS Support Network provides assistance to up to 2000 families each month. Services offered include food, housing, and financial support. Canned food, toiletries, soup, detergent, and other goods are given out to those who need them.

Call the food bank at 805-543-3162

If you are visiting someone at California Men’s Colony and need assistance, you can apply for emergency assistance. Things like food, transportation, and clothing are given out.

A food pantry that operates like a farmers market is available. There are various types of food items such as fruits, vegetables, dairy items, and others given.

This organization provides assistance to individuals regardless of their circumstances or background. They collaborate with other organizations and food pantries in the area. Food items are given out during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

A food bank may have different types of food like hot meals, prescription vouchers, household items, and healthy food boxes. People are also given referrals.

The food bank at Saint Patrick’s Church is located at 501 Fair Oaks Avenue in Arroyo Grande, California. The phone number is 805-489-2680. The food bank typically has food from the pantry, but other emergency aid may be provided as well. There are also services to provide hot meals for senior citizens and the disabled, as well as clothing to keep people warm. Small Christmas meals and toy programs are held regularly.

The Salvation Army provides free back-to-school supplies, food, and a thrift store to people in need. If you need help getting food or Christmas toys, you can call 805-481-0278 in San Luis Obispo or 805-238-9591 in the South County. You may be able to get food, toys, or financial aid. If you need to reach someone at a different phone number, the Atascadero number is 805-927-4044 and the Cambria Service number is 805-772-7062.

For assistance with food, call (805) 238-4664 in Paso Robles or (805) 481-4652 in Oceano. This charity provides clients with information about places where they can get free food, apply for CalFresh or USDA commodities, and other benefits.

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