Food Pantries

Food programs from Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger.

Many families rely on the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger to help them with food and nutrition. The non-profit provides information on where to find pantries, food banks, charities, and soup kitchens across the city and county. Specialists from the agency can help people with SNAP food stamps and other government benefits. The coalition is a group that helps people in Bucks, Chester, and Philadelphia counties.

Food Stamp application process in Philadelphia

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is a federal program that provides low-income families or people facing poverty with food assistance. It also allows them to use their income for other monthly bills.

The client will be given an EBT card to use for groceries at a local store. Approximately 12% of people currently receive assistance from food stamps, and many more people are eligible for assistance but have not yet submitted applications. Tens of thousands more people in the Philadelphia area could get health insurance if they just filled out an application, according to estimates.

If you live in the Greater Philadelphia area and are struggling to get food, the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger can help you get access to information on food assistance programs as well as help you fill out applications and get approved for them. The city has set up a hotline for residents to call with any concerns. The number is 215-430-0556.

The non-profit will help people who visit their partner sites. Volunteers who work at CareerLink centers, local pantries, and health centers in Philadelphia help people in the city with their career goals, food needs, and health concerns. If you would like, you can go to a different location to sign up for SNAP benefits.

If someone has been denied, the coalition will help with an appeal process. The Free Legal Clinic works with Philadelphia’s County Assistance Offices to help low income families get the benefits they are entitled to. If necessary, they may also involve pro-bono law firms. Many people work with the coalition to try to get their benefits approved.

They can also offer some general guidance on other types of public assistance that may be available to a family. There are many other options available for households with students or the elderly, such as free school lunches or the CSFP program which provides boxes of food and groceries.

Information and referrals to pantries

The Coalition Against Hunger has information on hundreds of soup kitchens and food pantries in Philadelphia and the surrounding area, including Bucks and Chester counties. They also help support these locations by raising money and providing operational assistance. The goal is to help anyone who needs it and not turn anyone away. They operate programs such as Victory in Partnership, or VIP, and others to meet this goal.

The coalition can give you information about food pantries, including the hours, phone numbers and directions. They may also provide information on what types of food items to expect, such as canned goods or more uncommon items such as baby formula. Some locations have income requirements, and information on those locations is available. This will make the clients visit as successful as possible.

The locations also provide seasonal support. Some of the churches or food pantries that work with the Coalition Against Hunger may give out free Thanksgiving or Christmas meals. Some places in Philadelphia will bring food or groceries to senior citizens.

Apply for assistance from Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger

The Coalition Against Hunger is a group that helps people who don’t have enough food. Their main office is at 1725 Fairmount Ave. The address Unit 102, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19130 refers to a specific apartment unit in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The 19130 zip code is for the city of Philadelphia. The SNAP application hotline is 215-430-0556. You can call this hotline for guidance on how to apply for SNAP benefits.

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