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Foreclosure prevention and assistance in New York City

If you are a homeowner in New York City facing foreclosure, you may be able to get free help from a lawyer. If you are having difficulties with foreclosure and need help, you may be able to get free legal services from The Volunteer Lawyers Project and South Brooklyn Legal Services. The mission of The Foreclosure Prevention Project is to help homeowners facing foreclosure keep their homes.

The Brooklyn Volunteer Lawyers Project (VLP) received a grant from the City of New York’s housing division and other support from the federal government. A total of 80 lawyers are part of the program and they provide pro bono work for homeowners who are facing a foreclosure or who are currently in the process itself. Lawyers will help homeowners who are in foreclosure across Brooklyn and New York City by representing them in home loan settlement conferences, negotiating workouts, and helping with mortgage modifications.

Details of the NYC foreclosure prevention program

The project was created to address the economic and social inequalities caused by lenders, banks, mortgage servicers, and their predatory lending practices. The Foreclosure Prevention Project helps people keep their homes by providing access to free legal advice and representation. This is for people who are threatened with foreclosure due to questionable mortgages or predatory lending. In addition to providing free legal advice and representing clients in court, the attorneys may also be able to help clients negotiate more favorable financial arrangements. You can learn more about loan modifications from lawyers.

The organization was first established almost ten years ago. The New York City Foreclosure Prevention Project has been helping homeowners in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the greater New York area for nearly 10 years. They have been targeted by predatory lenders and “expensive” mortgages. The lawyers will be able to help homeowners with housing, consumer protection, loan modification, and other claims in state and federal courts. This means that lawyers will be available to help people who are having problems with their homes, such as being charged too much money or being treated unfairly. They will also be able to help people who are at risk of losing their homes.

The Foreclosure Prevention Project can help people from neighborhoods throughout New York City, no matter what their zip code is.

New York City foreclosure prevention contacts

Some of the organizations that offer free legal assistance for foreclosures include South Brooklyn Legal Services at 718-246-3279. To reach the Foreclosure Prevention Project, please call 718-246-3279. You will need to leave a message with the project’s customer service line. If you are in an emergency situation, describe the circumstances in your message. If your call is not an emergency, you may have to wait a few days before someone can get back to you.

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