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Fort Wayne Urban League assistance programs.

The Urban League is one of the leading non-profit organizations in the Allen County region that addresses poverty in Fort Wayne. The agency will not only advocate for the less fortunate but also offer mediation, counseling, and job placement information.

The other two focuses are on helping clients get new job skills or experiences, and helping to prevent homelessness in the community. For this reason, the county offers counseling for both tenants and homeowners. The Fort Wayne Urban League is a government-certified agency that provides assistance to homeowners and tenants in the form of loans and other financial assistance.

There are many educational programs for children in the community, including Project Ready and After School programs. They help residents access supplementary resources around nutrition, health, and of course learning, and all of this will assist people in developing their potential. This organization helps people have access to resources that will help improve their health and learning skills so they can reach their full potential. The counselors will help the children as they grow older and will eventually help the clients with college readiness.

The After School Academy from FWUL is a program for young people under the age of 19. The Urban League will offer support in the form of classes on computer usage, homework assistance, and computerized academic instruction in the tech center (computer lab). They will also provide pre-employment training and guidance in preparing for college. The after-school program and activities will help children improve their skills and become more independent.

Tutors are essential for the functioning of this service. They collaborate with the program’s existing staff to provide additional support and guidance to students. There are also classes for people with disabilities in Allen County.

Project Ready is more focused on helping with college readiness. This includes things like test prep, choosing the right college, and knowing what to expect when starting college. They learn about scholarships available in both the state of Indiana and the nation by attending workshops such as the Academic Development Workshop. The Urban League in Fort Wayne also provides assistance to students in applying for financial aid, such as scholarships, grants, and low cost loans. The classwork is designed to help students improve their writing and reading skills.

Housing assistance can help people in different ways, like preventing them from losing their home or giving them advice on how to save money to buy their own home. There is also support for families that rent a home, namely in how to stay housed and avoid an eviction. This support comes in the form of rental assistance, which can help families keep up with rent payments and avoid being forced out of their homes. This means looking into government programs that might cover some of the costs of renting. This means that any assistance for housing needs will also include programs on financial literacy and budgeting, as these skills are necessary to maintain housing in the long term.

Home ownership assistance is available to help you purchase a home. The Fort Wayne Urban League is aware of safe and affordable housing options in Allen County and they help low income individuals increase their home ownership.

There is help available for mortgages, as well as other financial aid programs like the Hardest Hit Fund. This program provides free foreclosure counseling to the unemployed, funded by the HUD and US Treasury.

This means that there are services available to help you find a job. The program is open to anyone who meets the income requirements, with a focus on minority groups such as African Americans and Hispanics in Allen County. The goal is to help someone find and keep a job and also ensure they have the skills needed to make enough money to live on or get benefits. The staff helps the candidates with finding a job, getting ready for the job, and keeping the job.

The Fort Wayne Urban League will hold an event to assess people’s skills. This will then address pre-job skills training, placement assistance, and follow-up. This will give people the abilities they will need to find and keep a job, which will help them gain long-term independence and support themselves.

The non-profit FWUL partners with other agencies to help with their causes. If clients are not ready for a job, they may be referred to a temporary employment agency or a one stop job center. These groups work together to help make it easier for people to find jobs.

For more information on these or other programs, please contact the Fort Wayne Urban League at 2135 South Hanna St., Fort Wayne, Indiana 46803. To reach customer service, please call (260) 745.3100.

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