Free and low cost dental clinics in Maine

There are many affordable and free dental clinics in Maine that can help you. The operators of these locations have a primary focus of helping low income individuals and those without medical or health insurance. There may be dental assistance available for adults, the elderly, disabled and uninsured in the state. This could include preventative care or oral surgery. Some of the free clinics in Maine that may be near you are funded by the federal government and meet certain standards as qualified health centers. These services are provided by volunteers. The bottom of the page has a referral number for more programs.

The specifics on the types of assistance that you may qualify for in Maine can be obtained by calling a dental center near you. This can be done at the dentist’s office There are various dental procedures that can be done at the dentist’s office, such as wisdom teeth removal, cleanings, X-Rays, extractions, root canals, and dentures. Some programs may be offered for free, and others may be offered at a reduced price or low cost.

Low income families can get help from the government or other organizations. The dental center provides free dental cleanings, check-ups, extractions, consultations, and referrals to dental specialists for residents of the region. There are other options for health insurance plans. There are many dental centers in Maine that offer qualified patients a lot of help.

The Bucksport Regional Health Center is located in Bucksport, Maine and their dental care phone number is (207) 469-7371. We offer a sliding fee scale for anyone who doesn’t have private or government insurance. This means that if someone does not have a lot of money or insurance, they may still be able to get help paying for dental care.

While most people are focused on the working poor and low income, others may be able to benefit from medical and dental assistance.

The DFD Russell Medical Center is a hospital in Turner, Maine. It has a phone number of (207) 225-2676.

The dental hygiene clinic at University of Maine at Bangor provides free dental help for adults, senior citizens, and children. This is a program that helps students learn.

The Pleasant Point Health Center is a healthcare facility owned and operated by the Passamaquoddy Tribe. It is located at 11 Back Road in Pleasant Point, Maine, and provides healthcare services to members of the Tribe.

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The Children’s Oral Health Program is a program offered by Greater Portland Health. The program provides dental care and education to children in the Portland, Maine area. The program’s goal is to improve the oral health of children in the community.

The Root Cellar is a store on Washington Ave in Portland, Maine. The store sells food and other items.

They take most insurance plans and also have a sliding fee scale for those who are uninsured. They have a variety of services such as cleanings, x-rays, fillings, and extractions. The Knox Clinic Dental Program is a low-cost, affordable dental clinic. They take most insurance plans and also have a sliding fee scale for those who are uninsured. They have a variety of services such as cleanings, x-rays, fillings, and extractions. This means that they offer care based on how much money you have. This dental office offers a variety of services such as cleaning, exams, fluoride, dental x-rays, fillings, and more. The price of the service is determined by the customer’s income and insurance status, but Medicaid is also accepted. The other center is located at 22 White Street in the Bok Medical Arts Building in Rockland, Maine. You can call 207-594-6996 to speak to someone.

The Bingham Area Health Center is located at 237 Main Street in Bingham, Maine. The health center provides healthcare services to the community and offers a variety of programs and services. The center also has a website that provides information on the services offered and how to contact the center.

The Community Dental office in Portland, Maine provides dental services to low income and uninsured residents of Cumberland County. Services are provided by specialists, including dentists. For more information, call 207-874-1028. See your dentist for a fluoride treatment to help prevent cavities, get your gums checked for oral health, and be referred to specialists as needed. There are many different types of hospitals including local hospitals and government programs.

The UNE Dental Hygiene Clinic offers free basic cleanings, exams, and more at affordable rates.

The Kittery Community Health Center provides dental services including root canal services, check-ups, dentures, extractions, and other care. The main number for the office is 207-439-2699.

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Oasis Health Network Inc. is a health care company that provides services to patients in Brunswick, Maine. The company offers a variety of health care services, including primary care, mental health care, and substance abuse treatment. The company also offers a variety of support services, including case management and community outreach.

Eastport Health Care, Inc. is a dental center that operates in partnership with a location in Maine.

The health center is located in Eagle Lake, Maine and provides medical and dental care for residents of the area. To schedule an appointment, please call (207) 444-5973. This clinic provides medical and dental care for residents of Eagle Lake, Maine. It is partially funded by the federal government as a qualified health center. To schedule an appointment, please call (207) 444-5973. As part of this arrangement, they will offer reduced-priced or free dental and/or medical care to qualified individuals.

The Harrington Family Health Center and Dental Clinic is a healthcare facility located in Harrington, Maine. The clinic provides medical and dental care to patients of all ages. Services offered at the clinic include primary care, preventive care, and specialty care.

The Health Access Network is a non-profit based in Lincoln, Maine. Its mission is to provide access to quality healthcare for all Mainers, regardless of income or location. The Health Access Network provides primary and preventive care, dental care, and behavioral health services at its three health centers in Lincoln, Belfast, and Bangor. The Health Access Network also operates a mobile medical unit, which brings healthcare services to underserved communities in rural Maine.

This dental clinic can help individuals and families get the dental care they need, including cleanings, extractions, and other medical care.

The Vinalhaven, ME 04863 community can dial (207) 863-4341 to reach a dental hygienist a few times per week. You will need to contact the company to get more information and to schedule an appointment during available hours.

Katahdin Valley Health Center is a health center located in Patten, Maine. The center offers a variety of health services to the community. It is open Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm.

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Maine Migrant Programs, Inc. is a non-profit organization located in Augusta, Maine. The organization provides various services to migrant workers and their families, including education and training programs, legal assistance, and health and social services. The organization also advocates for the rights of migrant workers and their families.

The Maine Primary Care Association is a non-profit organization located in Augusta, Maine. The organization provides support and resources to primary care providers across the state. The Association also advocates for policies that improve access to quality health care for all Mainers.

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Regional Medical Center at Lubec, Inc. is a medical center located in Lubec, Maine. It provides medical care to patients in the area and employs a staff of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals.

The Sacopee Valley Health and Dental Center is located in Porter, Maine and provides various medical and dental services for those who qualify. The Sacopee Valley Health and Dental Center is a community clinic that provides medical and dental services to low- to moderate-income individuals. The clinic is located in Porter, Maine. Some doctor’s offices and clinics offer a sliding fee scale, which means that you only need to pay what you can afford towards your dental and medical bills. To be eligible for this option, please call (207) 625-3208.

There are medical and dental professionals available on site who volunteer their time.

The St. Croix Family Health Care Center in Princeton, Maine is a healthcare facility that provides medical care and services to patients and families. The center has a phone number of (207) 796-5503.

Services provided include preventative and restorative dental care for low-income residents. There are many dental practices that offer low-cost or free services to people who are in low income housing, the homeless, or working poor. This clinic provides dental x-rays, consultations, cleanings, fluoride, and sealants.

Find additional free dental care and assistance in Maine

There are other options for dental care besides this clinic, such as volunteer dentists and assistance programs for low income individuals. Please call 207.620.8276 for more information on options in your area. Help is available for things like emergencies, free surgery, and regular care.

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