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Free clinics in Contra Costa County.

The Contra Costa California clinics provide free or low-priced medical services to low-income and uninsured individuals. The free clinics and government qualified health centers help people to get free health and dental care services and medications. Every clinic will work to ensure that no one is turned away, regardless of whether they have health insurance or not.

Contra Costa County has many clinics that offer non-emergency health care services, including: If you need help accessing primary health care, prenatal care, dental care, health education, family medicine, immunizations, or counseling, there are many resources available to help you. Most centers can offer assistance with applying for Healthy Families and Medi-Cal, and clinics may also be able to help low- income, uninsured patients get prescription medication from major pharmaceutical programs for free or for little money.

This clinic provides medical assistance to those who cannot afford to pay their medical or health care bills. This includes those with no health or dental insurance.

The RotaCare Clinic in Concord, CA is a free medical clinic that provides care to low-income and uninsured individuals and families. They can be reached by telephone at (925) 935-8446.

The Pittsburg RotaCare Clinic is a clinic that provides free medical care to low-income and uninsured individuals and families. The clinic is located at 2210 Gladstone Drive in Pittsburg, California, and can be reached by phone at (925) 439-2009.

This is a Homeless Ambulatory Clinic Concord that provides care for those who need it. The Main number is (800) 495-8885. You can visit the clinic for vaccinations, physicals, dental cleanings, and advice from professional nurses and doctors.

The La Clinica Monument health center is located at 2100 Monument Boulevard in Pleasant Hill, CA. The telephone number for appointments or intake is (925) 363-2005.

The Homeless Ambulatory Clinic Concord Respite Care provides care for those who are homeless and have difficulty accessing medical care. They offer a variety of services, including medical care, mental health care, and substance abuse treatment. They also have a variety of programs to help people get back on their feet, including housing and employment assistance.

The Brookside Community Health Center is a health center that provides medical care and services to low income and uninsured patients in Contra Costa County, California. The health center offers discounts and free medical care to qualified patients.

This is a clinic that helps families with health problems. They offer many services, including help with mental health and addiction. The providers offer medical assistance at a low cost. The services provided by the clinic include family care, family planning, immunizations, and prenatal care. The clinic has two locations, one in Antioch, California, and the other in Richmond, California.

The Brookside Community Health Center in Richmond, California is located at 1030 Nevin Avenue. The telephone number for the center is (510) 215-5001.

The health center has an easily accessible location with a primary phone number of (925) 522-0124. The health center offers a variety of services such as primary care, family planning, immunizations, and much more. There are many services available, including free prescription drugs and other health care. Patients can save money on medical bills.

This is a healthcare center located in Richmond, CA. The address is 1313 Cutting Boulevard and the phone number is (510) 232-0874.

Check the website or call the number for the latest location of the mobile health center. Health care that helps with shots, physicals, checkups, and very basic medical needs.

The Health Care for the Homeless Mobile Vans are located at 597 Center Avenue, Suite 150 in Martinez, California. The main office for the vans can be reached at (925) 313-6166.

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