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Free clinics in Miami Dade.

Miami-Dade healthcare clinics can provide free or low cost medical as well as dental care to residents of the county. No one will be turned away from a center, regardless of their income, ethnicity or background. Some patients will not be able to receive free medical care, but they may be able to get reduced rates or discounts. If you are in need of medical assistance and have a low income, the following clinics in Miami-Dade may be able to help you.

The exact medical care offered by each health center will depend on the type of center it is. Help is available to children, adults and immigrants. FQHCs in Miami-Dade offer discounted medical and dental care to patients without health insurance. Some other ways that people can help those who are less fortunate include making payment arrangements or allowing them to extend their bills.

There are many different kinds of health services available, such as physical exams, screenings for health risks or cancer, insulin and diabetes care, internal medicine, immunizations, and behavioral health services. There are many free clinics in Miami that can offer free prescription medications, Medicaid, and Medicare. They can also refer individuals to non-profit or charity organizations that can offer assistance with paying bills. In the region, people need free insulin, and it is offered.

The Borinquen Primary Health Care Clinic is located at 3601 Federal Highway, Miami, Florida 33137. The clinic’s phone number is (305) 637-6400.

The Salvation Army Camillus Health Concern Satellite Clinic provides very basic check ups to low income and homeless individuals. The clinic is located at 1907 NW 38 Street in Miami, Florida, and can be reached at (305) 577-4840. Although the non-profit organization does not generate a profit, it is a great source of referrals.

The MiamiHealth center provides medical and health care for residents of Palmetto Bay, FL. To get care, residents can call 305-238-1818.

Krome Ave. Suite 200, Homestead, FL 33030 The Health Center in Homestead, Florida provides care for the people of Miami. They offer a variety of services such as health screenings, vaccinations, and counseling. If you need help, please call (305) 245-4673 and we will be happy to assist you.

Dixie Highway, North Miami, FL 33161 Caring for Miami is a clinic located at 12944 W. Dixie Highway, North Miami, FL 33161. The Dixie Highway is a road in North Miami, Florida. The address is 33161. The phone number is 786-360-7062.

The center provides free pregnancy planning, OB/GYN, and check-up services for women in Dade County. The Miami-Dade County Commission on Immigration and Refugee Affairs works to support immigrants and refugees in the county. The Commission provides resources and assistance to help immigrants and refugees integrate into the community, and advocates for policies that are welcoming and inclusive of all residents.

The Dade County Dental Research Clinic is a facility that provides dental care to the community. It is located in Miami, Florida. The clinic has a number of free services. Cancer screening, well-child check-ups, and free dental exams and services are all part of infant, child, adult, and older adult care.

Guerrero is a surgeon. Dr. Rafael A. Guerrero is a doctor who specializes in surgery. The Penalver Clinic is a healthcare facility located in Miami, Florida. The clinic provides various medical services to patients and is open Monday through Friday.

The Florida Baptist Dental Van Project provides dental care to people in need in Miami, Florida. To receive medical care, please call (305) 271-5600.

29th St. 2nd FloorHialeah, FL 33013 The Hialeah Dental Clinic provides free dental care to children in need through the Give Kids A Smile Project. The clinic on 25th Street in Hialeah, Florida, provides free dental cleanings, check ups, extractions, and more. To make an appointment, call (305) 694-5400. This assistance is for children and students from families who either have low incomes or do not have any health insurance. It is important for youth to have quality dental care during their formative years.

The Good Health Clinic is a medical facility located in Tavernier, Florida. The clinic provides a variety of health services to patients, including primary care, mental health services, and reproductive health services.

Hamilton Rd. Columbus, OH 43213 The Good News Health Care Center is a place where people can go to get medical help. The address of the center is 101 S. Hamilton Rd., Columbus, OH 43213. Redland Road in Florida City, Florida is the location of this business. The phone number for this business is (305) 246-2844.

The Good Samaritan Health Clinic is a medical facility located at 7701 S.W. 98 Street in Miami, Florida. You may call to find out the locations and number to call for a free or low cost medical care in your area The three programs offered are dental, mental health, and pharmacy services. Other services may include primary medical care, low-income examinations, and work-related physical immunizations.

The Health District Center is located at 1350 NW 14th St., Miami, FL 33125. The phone number for the center is 305-795-2100.

The Jefferson Reaves Sr. Health Center is located at 1009 NW 5th Ave., Miami, FL 33136. To get information on medical care, dental services, and other assistance from this clinic, please call 786-466-4100.

The Juanita Mann Center is located in the Northside Shopping Center at 7900 NW 27 Ave. in Miami, FL. The center’s phone number is 786-466-2100.

This Dade County free, low income clinic provides free or low cost medical help to Spanish speakers, immigrants, Cubans, and others.

The Liga Contra El Cancer provides cancer screenings, check ups, lab work, and other specialty services to patients in Miami, Florida.

The Little Haiti Health Center is located at 300 N.E. 80th Terrace, Miami, FL. The phone number for the center is 305-795-2100.

The Lotus House is located at 217 N.W. 15th Street in Miami, Florida. The number for the community clinic is (305)438-0556.

The Miami Rescue Mission Clinic is just one example of the many ways people in the county can get help. The clinic offers free medical and dental care to the homeless population. Many people who work in the medical field donate their time and skills to help those in need. This includes doctors, nurses, and other health care providers. This type of volunteering is very important and beneficial.

The North Miami Beach Clinic/Mercy Mobile is a medical facility located at 4450 N.W. 135 St in Miami, Florida. The clinic provides a variety of medical services to patients and can be contacted by phone at (305) 681-1050.

The North Miami Center for Women, Infants, and Children provides free community clinic services at 14101 NW 8th Ave., Miami, Florida 33168. The clinic can be reached at 305-688-4821.

The Open Door Health Center is a medical facility that provides a variety of preventive healthcare services to its patients. These services include treatment for medical problems, flu shots, immunizations, prenatal care, cancer screening and other aid.

The PET center is a clinic that provides family medicine, neurology, integrative medicine, internal medicine, neurosurgeon, OB/GYN, and occupational health services. The clinic is located at615 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139. The clinic’s phone number is 305-535-5548.

Suite 202, Portland, OR 97210 The Refugee Health Assessment Program is a program that helps refugees in Portland, Oregon to get the health care that they need. To make an appointment at this clinic, please call 305-643-7300.

Rosie Lee Wesley is a hospital located in South Miami, Florida that provides advanced medical and dental care, as well as referrals to regional hospitals or specialists.

The South Miami Children’s Clinic provides medical care services for children only. To get more information, you can call them at (305) 668-7388.

St. John Bosco Clinic is a medical facility located at 730 NW 34th St. in Miami, Florida.

The West Dade Family Planning Clinic offers medications to help with family planning. Doctors who specialize in occupational health help people who have been injured at work. Pediatricians care for babies, children, and adolescents. Podiatrists treat problems with the feet and ankles. Orthopedists treat problems with the bones and joints. Pulmonologists treat problems with the lungs. Rheumatologists treat problems with the joints and muscles. Sports medicine doctors treat athletes. Screening doctors check patients for diseases. Urologists treat problems with the urinary system.

The West Perrine Health Center is located at 18255 Homestead Ave., Miami, FL 33157. The telephone number is 305-234-5400.

The UM Pediatric Mobile Clinic is a medical clinic that provides care to children in the Miami, Florida area. The clinic is located at 1601 NW 12th Ave, and the phone number is 305-243-6407.

The Universal Heritage Institute provides basic care for its patients. They also offer dental, mental health, and pharmacy services for low-income patients who qualify.

If you are in the Miami area and are in need of medical assistance, you can go to the Overtown Health Center. The address is 450 N.W. 14th Street in Miami, Florida. The University of Texas at Austin also has a dental school on its campus. They work to maintain our overall health and to diagnose and treat us when we are sick. Doctors and dentists are two different types of healthcare providers.

They are only open on Tuesday evenings from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The University of Miami clinic is only open on Tuesday evenings from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. – If you want more information, please call us.

Suite 5, North Miami, FL 33181 The address for Urban Mercy Clinics is 13899 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 5, North Miami, FL 33181. This clinic supports families of all ages in Miami-Dade County, including senior citizens.

The Robert Morgan Dental Clinic is a low-cost health care center that provides medical and dental care to residents of Miami-Dade County. To get more information on the services offered by the clinic, you can call them at (305) 253-9920.

The Southhealth center is located at 400 NE 31st street in Miami, Florida. The phone number for the center is 305-573-3784.

Camillus House is a clinic in Miami, Florida. The clinic’s phone number is 305-577-4840.

The clinic is open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The Carrie Meek Clinic is a community clinic that provides free or low-cost medical services for children, flu and pneumonia vaccines, work and school physicals, and prescriptions. The clinic is open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The center will take any type of health insurance, whether it be public or private. Some other options for billing charity care are offered as well.

The Naranja Health Center is located at 13805 SW 264th St. in Homestead, FL. The phone number for the center is 305-258-6813.

The Norland Medical Center is a health care facility located at 18360 NW 7th Ave in Miami, Florida. The center can be reached by phone at 305-694-6270.

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The Everglades Health Center is located on 19300 SW 376TH St in Florida City, FL. The phone number for the center is 305-246-4607.

The Doris Ison Health Center is a community clinic in Miami-Dade County, Florida. It is located at 10300 SW 216th St, Cutler Bay, FL 33190-1003. To speak to a medical professional at the Doris Ison Health Center, call 305-252-4824.

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