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Free clothes, back to school supplies and furniture in Brown County Wisconsin.

Families in Brown County, Wisconsin can go to a free clothing closet or furniture bank to get help. The centers offer a thrift store and free clothing bank to help people in need.

The following items can typically be found at a clothing bank: -Shoes -Winter hats and coats -Boots -Dresses and suits -Furniture -School supplies -Birthday and Christmas toys -Gift cards for school or work clothes, uniforms, and critical staples (for low income families, seniors, or single moms) Many other goods may also be available at clothing banks.

The residents of Green Bay can generally buy low-cost items from a thrift store. In order to use clothing closets or furniture banks, you must first get approval from an agency. The centers will help people who are very poor or who are experiencing a difficult situation, such as a medical problem.

No matter the circumstances, children from low-income households in Brown County will be supported. A charity would never want to turn away anyone who needs help. So youth may be given clothing, back to school supplies, and other goods.

The De Pere Christian Outreach Center is a thrift store that is open to De Pere residents only. The store offers low prices on a variety of items. The main phone number for the store is (920) 339-1060. The cost to use this service is very cheap and affordable. They take in gently used appliances, TV, clothes, furniture, and other items. People who volunteer their time work at the store.

The Catholic Charities, Diocese Of Green Bay is located at 1825 Riverside Drive, Green Bay, WI 54301. They can be reached at (920) 272-8234. In addition to being a thrift store open to the general public, they also offer additional support to immigrants and Hispanics in Brown County. There is a free clothing and furniture bank in Brown County that can help immigrants with basic needs like Naturalization or Visa applications. If you are moving to a new home, you may need to buy new furniture, clothes, and food.

The store is located on 1660 West Mason Street in Green Bay, Wisconsin and the main phone number is (920) 465-9601. They accept donations of new and gently used items including books, clothes, Christmas toys, gifts, d├ęcor, work-boots, and household goods. These items are then sold to help individuals and families in need. The homeless in Brown County are being given the opportunity to receive job training.

Manna For Life Ministries provides vouchers to low-income individuals and families in need. The vouchers can be used to purchase food and other necessary items at the Thrift store.

The Seventh Day Adventist Church is located at 1414 Shawano Avenue in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The church’s main phone number is (920) 494-3530. Referrals for financial aid are available from the church. The church may have bedding, small furniture items, or free clothes for single moms who have basic needs. Schoolchildren from kindergarten to high school can be given sneakers, notebooks, and other supplies.

The Society Of St Vincent De Paul is a thrift store that is located at 920 Weise Street in Green Bay, WI. They offer furniture, food, financial aid, hot meals, and kitchen items to those in need.

The Salvation Army on West Mason Street in Green Bay has a clothing closet and thrift store that provides affordable clothing options to those in need. A referral from a social service agency is required in order to access these resources. The non-profit is not open all day. There may be clothing available for Brown County residents who are seeking employment or who have recently obtained a job. There is also a drive to help with back to school supplies. The Salvation Army provides students with free backpacks, notebooks, tablets, uniforms, and other supplies. There are also free winter jackets and coats given away by charities. Other resources for people in need include a soup kitchen, shelter, and other programs that offer low-income assistance. The Salvation Army in Brown County provides assistance programs to help those in need. Some of the programs offered include food assistance, utility assistance, and clothing assistance. The Salvation Army also provides other services such as disaster relief and community outreach.

It is full of donated material such as cabinets, furniture, building supplies, and appliances. The prices are low, and the quality is good. The store is open to the public. There is a sale on appliances, furniture, and other items.

The Community Closet is a church-run program in Green Bay and Howard that provides free clothes and other items to people in need. There may be free shirts, winter coats, hats, school clothes (belts, underwear, backpacks, etc.) for families in need in Brown County. To contact the charity, please call (920) 246-8398.

The YWCA Greater Green Bay Women’s Closet provides clothing and other items to low income women and single moms. To apply for assistance, please contact the Closet at 920-432-5581. The non-profit can offer free business clothing for work, including both classy and casual items. The YWCA can help women by connecting them to day care programs, job placement, and other services.

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