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Free clothes, school supplies and furniture in Louisville and Jefferson County.

There are free regional clothing closets and furniture banks in Louisville, Kentucky that have everything from free clothes to school supplies for kids, households goods, bedroom furniture or appliances, and other items. There are also inexpensive second-hand stores in the Jefferson County region. The centers can help families in need by providing them with free or low-cost clothes, Christmas assistance, work attire, uniforms or supplies for school, or other necessary household items.

The assistance that each charity clothing or furniture bank offers varies. Many organizations also offer free school supplies for students from low income households. They provide the elderly or disabled with items they need for their homes. Thousands of families in Jefferson County struggle and are unemployed every year. Non-profit agencies run centers that help these families. Low income families can get free furniture, appliances, computers and more for their home.

The clothing banks rely mostly on donations from the community. So the type and availability of goods will change frequently. Some of the more common items available in Louisville include items that are necessary for survival. This means clothes for children like boots and shoes, and work clothes for people looking for a job. The thrift stores will usually have household items such as furniture or small appliances.

Some locations may offer special Christmas programs in addition to their regular offerings. Children usually receive gifts or toys and parents may get clothing items. There are also free gifts for kids on their birthday. For more details or referrals regarding Louisville, call a center.

The Baptist Fellowship Center provides a Clothing Closet with free toiletry and household items, as well as clothes, to those in need. The main phone number for the center is (502) 774-2734. There may be other financial aid programs available, including help with paying for medications and bills. This means that people can only go to the store that gives out free clothes or household items a few times each year.

Bethlehem Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky has a free clothing bank that can help low income people in Jefferson County with items such as uniforms, notebooks, winter jackets for kids, and boots. The main number for the church is (502) 964-4384.

The store is to help disabled veterans.The Disabled American Veterans center is located on 1701 Berry Boulevard in Louisville, Kentucky. The center helps disabled veterans by running a thrift store for the public. Salvation Army provides low-cost clothing, furniture and household items to the needy and regular families. Another location is at 2208 W Jefferson Street, Louisville, KY 40212, call (502) 778-7128.

Eastern Area Community Ministries is located at 9104 Westport Road Basement in Louisville, KY. The organization provides free clothing and furniture to those in need. The telephone number for the organization is (502) 426-2824. There may be a variety of items available, such as pots and pans, refurbished computers, gently used clothes, sofas, desks, and other goods.

Family Scholar House is a non-profit organization that helps single parents pay for school and provides them with resources such as referrals and clothing. The school district in Jefferson County believes that every child deserves a high-quality education, so they put a lot of focus on meeting educational needs.

This is the address and phone number for Fern Creek/Highview United Ministries in Louisville, Kentucky.

The MUSL is a non-profit organization located in Louisville, Kentucky that provides clothing and emergency food assistance to those in need. This organization can provide Christmas assistance in the form of toys and school supplies for elementary and high school kids, as well as coats for families. The main beneficiaries of this are children and students.

The first is at 728 E. Market Street in Louisville. The second is at Jeffersontown, KY and the third is in La Grange, KY. Catholic Charities have three locations in Louisville and Jefferson County. The first location is at 728 E. Market Street in Louisville. The second is at Jeffersontown, KY and the third is at La Grange, KY. A thrift store is a place where you can buy low-cost clothes, furniture, and other household goods. There are other forms of assistance available for very low income families, and the church may provide free resources to those who are working to become independent. Catholic Charities in the Louisville area provides a variety of services to those in need. These services include food pantries, clothing assistance, rent and utility assistance, and many other programs. Catholic Charities also provides immigration services, and they offer a variety of other services as well.

The S.o.u.l Clinic Of Kentuckiana Inc. is a clinic that helps homeless people in Louisville, Kentucky. They provide medical care and support to people who are struggling to get by. Services offered may include clothing, food, referral for shelter (Single Point of Entry), prescription assistance, blankets, identification assistance, personal hygiene items, counseling, benefit application assistance, and other related services.

The Salvation Army is a religious organization. They may sell things like clothes or books. They also help people who are struggling. Christmas and holiday assistance is for families with low incomes who live in Jefferson County. There may be a variety of different items offered such as toys, gifts, clothes, shoes, etc. The homeless can also get blankets or bedding from the government to help them stay warm. There are also programs that operate during the summer and fall months that can provide School supplies like book bags and backpacks. The Salvation Army provides assistance programs to help those in need in the Louisville area. Some of the programs they offer include food assistance, utility assistance, and housing assistance. They also offer other programs such as job training and youth programs.

The Schuhmann Social Service Center is a place in Louisville, Kentucky where people can go to get help with things like food, housing, and clothes. The address is 730 E Gray Street, and the phone number is (502) 589-6696.

The Sister Visitor Center is a place where people can go to get clothing, personal and household items, mobility and daily living aids, and maybe even vouchers for gasoline or work clothing. The center is located at 2235 W Market Street in Louisville, Kentucky, and the telephone number is (502) 873-2566.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is an organization that provides clothing, diapers, maternity items, and other social services to those in need. There is also a free furniture bank on site that has smaller items. Another thrift store is located at 2229 Hikes Lane in Louisville, Kentucky. The main number for the St. Vincent clothing/closet/thrift store is (502) 473-8856. The store is also located at 248 E Market Street. To reach this charity location, please call (502) 583-1370. The church can often help with things like back-to-school uniforms or supplies, furniture, and more.

They also have a food pantry on site. South East Associated Ministries is located at 6500 Six Mile Lane Suite A in Louisville, Kentucky. Their primary phone number is (502) 499-2059. They offer family support services which include free back-to-school supplies, Christmas stockings and gifts, as well as Easter baskets for children. They also operate a food pantry on site. Other assistance that is offered in Jefferson County includes hand-made items such as mittens, gloves, scarves, and hats for the winter months.

The St. John Center is a place that provides food and shelter for people who are struggling. They also offer other services like job counseling and assistance with getting government benefits. You can call them at (502) 568-6758 to see if you qualify for their assistance. Amenities such as hot showers, restrooms, and telephone service may be available, as well as hot coffee and cold water. This organization provides a variety of services to its clients, including helping them find jobs and housing, filling out food stamp and disability claims, providing them with clothes, and helping them get birth certificates and ID cards. They also offer free mental health counseling.

Walnut Street Church is a Christian organization located in Louisville, Kentucky that provides free clothing for anyone in need. This can also include professional clothing for those who are seeking jobs or going to interviews, as well as school clothing. Some schools may have uniforms available for purchase, as well as funeral attire.

Wayside Christian Mission is a thrift store in Louisville, KY that sells low-cost clothing, furniture, household goods, and appliances. Other things that are offered are shoes and school items.

If you need affordable clothing, Wesley Wear House Thrift Store is the place to go. They have a wide variety of clothing for men, women, and children of all ages. You can find everything from casual wear to formal wear. And if you need assistance, the staff is always happy to help.

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