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Free clothing closets, school supply programs and furniture banks Baton Rouge.

The following is a list of free and low-cost clothing and furniture options in Baton Rouge: -Free clothing closets -Low cost thrift stores -Charitable furniture banks Centers are responsible for ensuring that goods are distributed to consumers in an efficient and timely manner. It can include free items like clothes, holiday gifts and toys, work items or back to school supplies. Furniture banks provide low income families with beds, dressers, desks, and other household goods. The main centers for the region are below.

Many of the sites have an application process that you need to go through before you can start working, and they are only open for a limited number of hours. They may limit how many items people can have, for example, free school supplies, backpacks for kids, clothes for work, or furniture for a home. If you need clothing from a non-profit organization, it is best to call them in advance to find out what their requirements are and what times they are open.

Thrift stores are usually open to the public, regardless of the clients income or financial condition. Many families from East Baton Rouge Parish and the surrounding areas use these free clothing and furniture centers every year. I am looking for a place that can give me information on free clothes, work items, household furniture or appliances and employment assistance. Do you know of anyplace like that?

The Living Waters Goodwill Store and Outreach Ministry offers free or low-priced clothing to needy and low-income residents. The store is located at 3535 Choctaw Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70805 and the main phone number is 225-355-6656. This means that you can include things like school supplies or work equipment. Donations are appreciated by the Goodwill Thrift store, and proceeds go to pay for financial assistance.

The Salvation Army Emergency Assistance and Social Services center provides support to a wide region. The main address is 7361 Airline Hwy Baton Rouge LA, 70805 and the telephone number is 225-355-4483. They provide items like clothes and help with Christmas. The community may have resources available for back to school supplies like sneakers, laptops, bookbags, etc. for students and teenagers. The unemployed can look into assistance for employment and work clothes.

Other emergency programs in Baton Rouge can provide assistance with utility disconnection or rent help when facing eviction. Vouchers for groceries, household goods, and furniture may be available. The Salvation Army in Baton Rouge parish provides additional information on their services and how to get involved.

The St. Vincent De Paul Store Distribution Center provides drop off centers for local churches and charities. Other people’s unwanted goods, including clothing, are gathered up and then sold to anyone who wants them. There is also a place where you can get free furniture like couches, kitchen supplies or beds for kids. Some stores may offer additional items such as baby supplies and cribs.

A pregnancy clinic that helps new and expecting mothers, as well as their infants and babies. The services available through this organization include free and accurate pregnancy testing, medical consultation, referrals for prenatal care and legal concerns, assistance with rent and housing arrangements, information on community resources, formula and baby supplies.

The Family Resource Clinic is located at 12201 Florida Blvd in Walker, Louisiana. The main phone number is 225-686-1123. They offer baby clothes, baby food, wipes, baby formula, and diapers for new moms and babies.

The Women’s Help Center is a resource center located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that offers educational resources, clothing, supplies, and more to women in need. The Center can be contacted by phone at 225-355-2333. Some schools and career centers may offer special programs and resources specifically for women or for parents of kids. This may include things like educational supplies, books, and other career-related items.

They do this by providing them with clothes to wear to interviews and helping them with their resume. The goal is to help people get jobs so that they can support themselves and their families. This program gives poor and underprivileged women the right clothing to wear for a job interview. After a client of the Dress for Success program finds a job, the client can receive additional clothing to wear to work. The center can tell you about job training programs in your area, help you find a job, and provide other services you might need. They offer resources to help with career development, a network of support, and professional clothing.

The Volunteers of America Baton Rouge help those who are poor, elderly, veterans, disabled, or homeless. Their main phone number is (225) 387-0061 and their address is 3949 North Boulevard, Baton Rouge, LA 70806. Some furniture may be given out for free as part of the Housing First program. Or people looking for a job or going to school may be given free clothes, work attire, school supplies and other goods. This is to help them look their best and have the necessary supplies for their job or school.

The Here Today Gone Tomorrow program offers men, women, and children’s clothing, furniture, and appliances at discounted prices to the general public. The main location is 10240 Burbank Dr. Baton Rouge Louisiana 70810 and the main phone number is 225-769-2259.

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