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Free credit counseling in Detroit and Wayne County.

There are several non-profit agencies in Detroit and Wayne County Michigan that offer credit counseling services to individuals. The organization provides services that help people with debt, housing, and credit. These services include programs to manage debt, counseling on foreclosure, and repairing credit. Non-profit credit counseling organizations in the Detroit region that offer free help are listed below.

Most of the non-profits are certified by the federal government HUD and approved by the Michigan State Housing and Development Authority. The not for profits in Detroit offer a variety of housing and debt counseling services, as well as credit card assistance programs, to individuals and families. These services are available to residents of Detroit and the surrounding county.

They can help Wayne County homeowners who can’t pay their mortgage every month and are in danger of losing their home through foreclosure. If you are already in the process of buying a home, you can still get help. Also access confidential credit counseling in which a certified counselor will help you understand your financial situation, set a budget and save money, and get you on track with bills.

Wayne, MI 48184 The Community Housing Network Wayne Office provides housing information and referrals to programs that can lead to longer term success. The address for Wayne, Michigan is 48184 and the phone number is (734) 419-7545.

This location provides free or low-cost credit counseling to residents in the westland area. Greenpath Debt Solutions is a consumer credit counseling service that helps residents in westland Michigan with their finances. They offer free or low-cost counseling to anyone who needs it. They offer free advice at first, and then charge a small fee for programs like credit repair, foreclosure prevention, and debt management plans.

Telegraph Rd. Suite 100 The Taylor, Michigan Office of Greenpath Debt Solutions is a consumer credit counseling service that helps people get out of debt. They offer a variety of services, including debt counseling, debt management, and debt consolidation. The staff at this location can help clients save money on their bills, give free advice on credit card debt relief, and enter borrowers into DMP.

The Bethel Housing Counseling Agency is located at 5050 St. Antoine St. in Detroit, MI. The agency provides housing counseling services to residents of the city. The agency’s telephone number is (313) 833-9912.

Greenpath Debt Solutions – Michigan Detroit Office is the company’s largest location and serves the metropolitan Detroit region. If you need help, a counselor is available for a free consultation. After looking at your financial situation, you may decide to create a budget. You may also explore credit repair and other debt assistance programs as well as housing assistance programs. The address of the office is 2111 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Michigan 48201, and the phone number is (800) 550-1961. The website provides more information on debt settlement and consolidation options.

Detroit, MI 48207 14901 E Warren Ave. Detroit, MI 48207 The address for the Detroit location is 48224 and the phone number is (313) 640-1100.

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