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Free eyeglasses and exams, including in Portland Oregon.

The Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation provides free eyeglasses and exams to low-income residents of Oregon. The Lions Clubs offers free basic health care programs, including prescription glasses or hearing aids, to eligible individuals who lack health insurance. Some of the resources are offered in the northern California region.

The foundation helps adults and children in Oregon, northern California, and cities such as Portland pay for eyeglasses and/or exams. There are many different local clubs and organizations that can take part in the program.

There is a limited amount of resources and they may run out or the program may end at any time. In general, the government provides financial assistance to US citizens who are 18 years or older and meet certain low-income requirements. All services and vouchers are provided at no cost to qualified participants.

The Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation (OLSHF) operates the Lions Eyeglass Assistance Program (LEAP) in the Pacific northwest. LEAP provides financial assistance to low-income individuals and families who need help paying for vision care. Lion’s Club International offers free eye exams and eyeglasses to those in need through local Lion’s Club organizations. Vouchers are distributed to qualifying individuals through these organizations. A program with over 500 eye doctors, professionals, and retailers participating.

There are other resources offered for individuals besides receiving glasses. The Lions Clubs foundation can offer or coordinate other basic health and medical services as well. This might include things like providing access to clean water, basic sanitation, and medical check-ups. This can include surgeries to improve vision and hearing, free mobile health screenings, eye and hearing exams for children who are visually impaired, and the non-profit can also provide refurbished hearing aids. The services offered include but are not limited to the following:

This program provides free health screenings and checkups at schools and community events throughout Oregon. If you need surgery or have complicated symptoms, you may be able to get help from the Patient Care Program. This was created to help families who cannot afford the medical bills for eye or hearing surgery or treatments to receive the surgery or treatments that they need.

The Lions Clubs of Oregon run a clinic that provides low vision care for children. This clinic has been helping children who have trouble seeing for 20 years. The Coos Bay to Ontario and Portland to Ashland Oregon line is a railway line operated by the Oregon Railway and Navigation Company. So that exams, glasses, consultations, and more can be provided to them, as no one wants children or teenagers to go without the care they need.

The Lions of Oregon also created the Hearing Aid Bank. This means that seniors and other people who need hearing aids can get them for free, and they will be high quality. If you’re struggling to afford new hearing aids, this option may be available to you. Lions in Oregon offer free vision screenings to the public. They depend on donations and volunteers to help with these screenings. Other charities and non-profits may work together with the local Lion Clubs centers.

The Lions club provides free eye exams and eyeglasses to those in need in Oregon and Northern California. They typically help out tens of thousands of people every year.

Applying for Portland Oregon eyeglass programs

To find out more information, apply for assistance, or find a center near you, please call (971) 270-0203. The foundation is headquartered in Portland, Oregon at 1010 NW 22nd Avenue, #144. There is a process in place for applying for help, and most people will be notified within 10 days as to whether or not they qualify for assistance.

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