Free fans and cooling assistance from Horry County Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army of Horry County tries to help people who have a low income, seniors, and needy families by giving them resources to beat the heat. The charity organization is involved in collecting fans and possibly air conditioning units and then providing these items to the needy. The non-profit is also involved in giving money to needy families in Horry County. The programs are designed to help people cope with the hot weather in South Carolina during the summer months.

The Salvation Army recently announced that they are helping more people than ever before. Many people struggle to pay their energy, utility, and cooling bills. Assistance with these bills is in high demand.

Many people from low-income families or seniors struggle to keep cool during the summer. The requests for assistance also include help with paying for utility bills. During the summer, people are trying to stay cool in the hot and humid weather. Organizations that provide free fans and other assistance may be able to help meet the need for cooling assistance.

The Salvation Army has started a program called the FANtastic fan drive in past years. The organization provides assistance to families in Myrtle Beach, Conway, and Horry County with utility bill payment. The Salvation Army in Horry County will provide free fans to help keep people cool during the summer. The non-profit will distribute to the elderly and the needy whatever dollars or fans are received and are on hand. This means that the non-profit will give the money and fans that they have to the people who need it the most. There is a great need for help during the summer.

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Many assistance programs rely on donations from individuals and businesses in the community. Donations can be deducted from taxes. Kings Highway. Dropping fans off at The Salvation Army Family Store in Myrtle Beach This is the address of Kings Hwy in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The main office of the Salvation Army Social Service Office is located at 1400 Church Street in Conway, South Carolina. The center provides individuals with information and access to resources such as emergency rent assistance, case management, food, and more. The phone number is (843) 488-2769.

You can donate money to summer cooling programs by sending it to The Salvation Army at the following address: P.O. Box 500, Conway, South Carolina 29528. The money will be used to buy fans and help pay for air conditioning and other utilities.

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