Assistance Program

Free fans and cooling bill assistance in Kansas City.

Kansas City Power and Light will give free fans to low income people and people who are vulnerable to extreme summer heat. The fans are intended to provide relief from the summer heat. Other financial assistance programs are offered during the summer for cooling and electric bills.

The Salvation Army and other charities partner with Kansas City Power and Light to provide hundreds of free fans each summer. The fans are given to seniors over 65 years of age and low income families with young children. Most of the fans will be in the Kansas City area.

Potential applicants for the Salvation Army in the Kansas City region can learn more about the terms and conditions for receiving assistance, or request a free fan, by calling the Salvation Army. They give them away frequently. If you’re struggling to pay for rent or utilities, the Bishop Sullivan assistance programs may be able to help.

They will review your information and see if you are able to get the help you need. If you need a fan, they will bring one to you at a time that is convenient for you and the delivery service. There may be the ability to pick up the unit. You must be home when the fan is delivered.

A group of volunteers work with Kansas City Power and Light as well as local charities to deliver fans to seniors and other needy individuals. The KCP&L will be providing most of the financial support for the program, so those who receive a fan will not have to pay anything for the service.

There are other ways to stay cool during the summer if you don’t qualify for the unit. Kansas City Power and Light may be able to help pay for air conditioning or cooling bills. Some of the payment options for utility bills may include LIHEAP, payment plans, or programs from non-profits.

To learn more about some other cooling bill and summer assistance programs, it is recommended you call KCP&L or your local community action agency. These organizations can help connect people to local resources and programs. Some programs may be able to help people by giving them gently used air conditioners or by helping them repair their existing air conditioners.

The Salvation Army and local churches can help you during the hot summer weather. Some charities and non-profits may provide air-conditioned spaces for people to cool off during periods of extremely hot weather.

The charities, KCP&L, and other non-profits in the Kansas City metro area are all committed to improving life for those who are less fortunate and facing hardship in the communities they serve. They want to help people during the summer. These various agencies are very excited about their partnerships and programs such as free fan distribution. This allows them to connect with fans and creates opportunities for the future. The safety of their customers and people who are most at risk is their top priority during the extreme summer heat.

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