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Free food banks and pantries Daviess County and Owensboro.

There are many free food banks, pantries, and soup kitchens in Daviess County Kentucky. There are many organizations that offer assistance to those in need of food. Some examples include charities, churches, and government programs. These resources can help low income families, children, the elderly, disabled, and others. Food pantries provide canned food or fresh food to people who cannot afford food. There are soup kitchens that give free hot meals, including at Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter.

The emergency food pantries and soup kitchens are usually located at churches or charities. They are free and provide food for those in need. There is a number at the bottom of the page for other food assistance programs. The government Social Service office in Owensboro can help with applications for food assistance programs like SNAP food stamps, school meals, or WIC vouchers. Case workers try to help low income or poor households in Kentucky get public food assistance benefits. It is best to call a food bank in advance to find out their hours and what resources they have available, but they will try not to turn anyone away.

The Bellevue Baptist Church food pantry is located at 4950 St Hwy 56 in Owensboro, Kentucky. The pantry is open from 9:00am to 12:00pm on weekdays, and provides canned beans, cereal, juice, peanut butter, jelly, bread, and soup to those in need.

The Buena Vista Church provides assistance to those in need, such as fresh produce, meat, dairy, and bread. The church is located at 119 W 24th St. Owensboro, Kentucky 42303. The phone number is 270-683-6234. Food that comes in a can and snacks for kids to have during summer as well as food for holidays.

They are open on Tuesday and Saturday from 11:30 to 1. The food pantry and soup kitchen at Christ Community Church are open on Tuesday and Saturday from 11:30 to 1. They offer free food to anyone who needs it. Holiday meals, including Thanksgiving turkey dinners or Christmas baskets, are available. There may also be personal hygiene products, such as detergent, soap, feminine products, and other items in Daviess County.

The church’s address is 325 Carter Rd. Owensboro, KY 42301 and the main number is 270-683-4200.

The Daniel Pitino Shelter is a homeless shelter and free food pantry located at 501 Walnut Street in Owensboro, Kentucky. The shelter provides a safe place for homeless individuals to stay, as well as free food and other resources. The homeless in Daviess County can get free hot meals or other support, such as a blanket or basic medical care.

The Life Community Church is located in Owensboro, Kentucky. The main address for the church is 270-478-5582.

The Help Office provides crisis intervention, information and referral, support groups, individual and family counseling, and child abuse prevention services. There are a number of government programs that can help low-income individuals and families with basic needs such as food and housing. These programs include the Commodity Supplemental Food Program, SNAP (formerly known as food stamps), and public housing. There is also a free emergency food pantry for those who qualify as low income or working poor households.

Crossroads Community Services is a regional community action agency that helps low-income people in Owensboro, Kentucky. They offer a variety of services, including food assistance, job training, and housing assistance. The organization provides financial assistance to help with expenses, offers guidance for SNAP food stamp applications, and has programs to help with employment. You can apply for federal USDA programs such as The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP).

The Eaton Memorial Baptist Church is located on W 4th St. in Owensboro, Kentucky. The main number for the church is 270-685-4971.

The First Christian Church is located in Owensboro, Kentucky at 701 Jr Miller. The church’s phone number is 270-684-8879.

The Hall Street Baptist food bank is located at 1102 Hall St. in Owensboro, Kentucky. The food bank is open from 9:00am to 11:30am on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. For more information, call 270-683-1303. You may also visit for more information on resources. To volunteer, you can either call or visit

The Lewis Lane Baptist Church is located at 2600 Lewis Lane in Owensboro, Kentucky. The church’s telephone number is 270-684-4266.

The Munday Center is located at 1650 W 2nd St in Owensboro, KY. The center can be contacted at 270-684-4640.

The New Life Church Food Pantry in Owensboro, Kentucky is a place where people in need can go to get food. They can also call the pantry at 270-683-5626 to find out more information.

Owensboro Christian Church (OCC) is a non-profit organization that provides free food to those in need. They are located at 2818 New Hartford Rd. in Owensboro, KY and their phone number is 270-683-2706.

The Pleasant Valley Church is located at 800 Pleasant Valley Rd. in Owensboro, KY. The church can be reached by phone at 270-926-2888.

Frederica St. The Salvation Army provides social services to the community at its center on 235 S. Frederica St. The Ewing Road Owensboro KY 42301 (270) 685-5576 is a highly respected social service organization that provides a range of services to its clients. These services include but are not limited to medical assistance, food assistance, and housing assistance. The organization also provides counseling and other support services to its clients. If you are in need of financial assistance, food, or winter clothing, there are organizations that can help. There are also programs that provide Thanksgiving or Christmas meals and gifts. There are also homeless shelters, case management, and a soup kitchen that provide hot meals or frozen food in Daviess County. In addition to Thanksgiving turkey dinners, hygiene supplies are also available. The Salvation Army is providing more assistance to those in Daviess County.

The Senior Community Center of Owensboro-Daviess County provides assistance programs to the elderly and disabled. These programs are designed to help these individuals maintain their independence and quality of life. The services provided by Meals on Wheels in Daviess County include, but are not limited to, nutritious meals, transportation, and social activities. Medicare enrollment and congregate meals are also available to eligible residents. They also offer nutritional supplements such as Ensure, as well as cooking classes.

Southside Fellowship is a church located at 2804 Veach Rd. Owensboro, Kentucky 42303. The phone number for the church is 270-683-6804. The church offers groceries, food, hygiene goods and more items to people in need.

The students are very excited to be here. The students are thrilled to be here. Joseph and Paul Catholic Church is located in Owensboro, Kentucky at 809 East 4th Street. The phone number for the church is 270-683-5641.

The Saint Stephen Cathedral is located on 610 Locust Street in Owensboro, Kentucky. The main phone number for the cathedral is 270-683-6525.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is a group of volunteers who work in parishes to provide free food and other resources to those in need. They may also provide clothing or furniture. There are programs in place to help those who are struggling financially. This includes immigrants, the poor, jobless and single mothers. Get groceries in cans, personal toiletries, laundry detergent, bread, and more from St. Vincent DePaul at 200 E 18th St., Owensboro, Kentucky 42303. The phone number is 270-683-1747. To reach St. Vincent DePaul’s church in Owensboro, Kentucky, please call 270-683-1747. The phone number is 270-683-1747.

The Third Baptist Church is located at 526 Allen Street in Owensboro, Kentucky. The church can be contacted by phone at 270-683-0269.

The Unity Fellowship Location is at 625 Allen St. in Owensboro, KY. The main number for the Fellowship is 270-683-3811.

They are open from Monday through Saturday from 11:00am until 1:00pm. This is a soup kitchen that provides free hot meals. They are open from Monday through Saturday from 11:00am until 1:00pm.

The Yellow Creek Baptist food pantry and soup kitchen in Owensboro, Kentucky provides free food and groceries to people in need. This may include meat, tomato sauce, rice, vegetables, spaghetti and sauce, milk, beans, snacks, and more. There are also personal hygiene items like laundry detergent, soap, napkins, and more.

Zion United Church is a church located at 625 Allen St. Owensboro, Kentucky. The main number for the church is 270-683-3811.

Find other free food, meals, and hunger prevention near you in Daviess County

There are other places that families or individuals can go for food assistance near them. Pantries, government assistance programs such as SNAP food stamps, paper products such as toilet paper or household supplies can be provided. For more information, please call 812.425.0775.

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