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Free food banks, groceries and pantries Grays Harbor County.

The following are the primary food pantries serving Grays Harbor County: They all focus on helping low income families in their local town or city, with the exception of the Salvation Army. The food banks near you may not only give you a free box of groceries, but they may also offer other products such as hygiene supplies, Christmas meals or gifts for children. The locations of the hunger prevention programs are listed below, as well as a phone number for more information.

A main reason these non-profits operate pantries only is they they cannot give out money. The staff may direct the applicant to other assistance programs, such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or affordable housing, in Grays County. You can apply for benefits like Meals on Wheels or USDA commodities. These food banks offer a clothing closet and a pantry to people in need. Most of these food banks are free to use and open daily. This allows people to get things they need like personal hygiene supplies, small Christmas toys, clothing for work and school, and other goods at the same time as they get a box of groceries.

The Aberdeen Community Food Bank is a non-profit organization that provides food assistance to residents of Aberdeen and Cosmopolis, Washington. The food bank is located at 306 1/2 N I Street in Aberdeen, and can be reached by phone at (360) 533-1088.

The address for Adventist Community Services of Grays Harbor is 3101 Cherry Street in Hoquiam, Washington. The phone number is (360) 532-9247 or (360) 537-9133. The location is only open on Thursdays. The Grays Harbor community has a free food and clothing bank for residents in need. Donations are used to fund free baby formula, school supplies, and a Christmas gift giving service.

Catholic Community Services – Grays Harbor does not offer financial assistance. The range of goods available only includes food, access to the laundry room, soap and hygiene goods.

The Coastal Harvest food bank is a free, mobile food bank that is open on a walk-in basis. The company is also based in Taholah, Washington.

Copalis Community Church Food Bank is a food bank that provides free groceries and other supplies to people in need. It is located at 3134 State Route 109 in Copalis Beach, Washington, and can be reached at (360) 581-3861.

The pantry provides food for children and the elderly in Grays Harbor County, including a Meals on Wheels program. The food pantry also offers free diapers for families in need.

The Hoquiam Food and Clothing Bank can only be used by local residents.

The Humptulips Food Bank can be found at 32 McAffe Rd in Humptulips, WA. Their phone number is (360) 987-0007.

The McCleary Pantry is located at 100 S 3rd St Building B, McCleary, Washington 98557. The phone number is (360) 495-4006. This soup kitchen and food pantry is only for families in the zip code of 98557. There may also be Christmas and Thanksgiving meals served and parties hosted.

The Montesano Food Bank is a food bank located in Montesano, Washington. It provides food to people in need. The main number is 360-249-5374.

The address for Oakville is 405 S Temple St, Oakville, Washington 98568. The phone number to dial for information is (360) 273-8511.

If you find yourself in an emergency food situation, the Ocean Shores food bank may be able to help. They are located at 848 Anchor Ave NW, and their phone number is (360) 289-2171. The organization provides free food for the homeless and hot meals for students. There is a store that sells items for low prices. They also participate in the USDA Supplemental Food Program.

The Pacific Beach Food Bank serves the community of Pacific Beach, WA and is located at 4576 State Route 109. The food bank can be contacted by telephone at (360) 276-4200.

The Salvation Army in Grays Harbor provides many assistance programs to help those in need. Some of the programs they offer include food assistance, clothing, and utility assistance. They also offer programs for children and families, as well as disaster relief services. The Angel Tree free toy program provides toys for children who are in need. Shelters also provide a place for people to stay who are in need. The Gray Harbor non-profit also has volunteers that help with food-related needs such as delivering meals and applying for food stamps.

South Beach is located at 314 N Broadway in Westport, Washington and their main phone number is (360) 268-1686.

Additional free food programs in Grays Harbor

To find other food pantries or soup kitchens near you, call 206.545.6600. The WIC program provides nutrition education and supplemental foods to low-income pregnant, breastfeeding, and non-breastfeeding postpartum women, and to infants and children up to age five who are found to be at nutritional risk. There are programs that can provide free baby formula, Ensure for the elderly, and other food assistance.

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