Free food banks in Sullivan County Tennessee.

Families in Sullivan County can get assistance with obtaining food. A food pantry can provide assistance to people who are in a crisis or struggling over the short term. The locations that operate as non-profits try to provide food, personal hygiene items, and more to families that are struggling. Some food banks in Sullivan County also help coordinate financial aid or benefits, such as WIC vouchers, for clients.

Pantries not only offer a wide array of services to the needy, but they also focus on certain groups of people. This means that if an individual has a special diet (such as a senior citizen or newborn), the pantries may offer baby formula or free Ensure. They also offer other basic items, such as free Thanksgiving or Christmas meals, clothing, diapers, and much more.

The food pantries have limited hours and generally only provide food for families that live nearby. The information you need, including referrals, is below. If you’re experiencing a crisis, you may be eligible for emergency food stamps.

The Rock Springs United Methodist Church Food Pantry is only able to help a small number of people. They cover the zip codes 37664, 37663 (North of I-81 & West of Ft. Henry Dr. only), and 37660 (West of Jared Dr. , South and West of Bays Mountain). There is food and other aid available in that region.

They also offer other services such as crisis counseling, a clothes closet, and a medical clinic. The Haven of Rest Rescue Mission provides a food pantry and free meal program for the public in Sullivan County, as well as crisis counseling, a clothes closet, and a medical clinic. Families in need who use the pantry must meet the Federal Poverty Guidelines. There may be a variety of food options available, including breads, fruits, vegetables, fresh food, and items for special diets. Free vouchers are given to pay for a variety of items, including clothing, food boxes, furniture, and diapers.

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The Crossroads United Methodist Church is located at 200 Bays Cove Trail in Kingsport, Tennessee. An emergency food pantry and clothing closet are on site. For more information, please call (423) 246-2982. Free bags of food are available to be picked up during church hours. The clothing bank may also have other things like school supplies or uniforms, work attire, Christmas toys, and more.

The Salvation Army in Kingsport, Tennessee provides assistance to the homeless and working poor. Those in need can apply for help by calling (423) 246-6671. The assistance program provides free meals for senior citizens, shelter, clothing, applications to SNAP food stamps, and Christmas/Thanksgiving meals and gifts. The Salvation Army also has a center at 137 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd in Bristol, Tennessee. You can reach them at (423) 764-6156.

The church is only open on Fridays from 10am to 12pm.

Tabernacle Baptist Church is a church located at 1444 Bloomingdale Road in Kingsport, Tennessee. It can be reached at (423) 247-6511.

The food bank at the Virginia Avenue United Methodist Church in Bristol, TN has non-perishable food items like cereal, spices, and infant formula available for people in need. They also have other goods like diapers and toiletries.

The Glenwood Baptist Church is located on East Center Street in Kingsport, Tennessee. The telephone number for hours is (423) 245-5538.

The food pantry at Ketron Memorial United Methodist is for Lynn Garden residents only, and it is open Tuesday 11:00 AM-12:00 PM.

If you are a low income family in the 37665 zip code, you can use the Higher Ground Baptist Church Care Ministries. They are located at 1601 Lynn Garden Drive in Kingsport, TN. You can reach them by phone at (423) 247-6776. site There are places on the premises where you can get free clothing and food.

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The Gravelly Baptist Church Campus is located on Gravely Road in Kingsport, Tennessee. The campus includes a church, a school, and a number of other buildings. The campus is open to the public and offers a variety of services and events.

There are many resources available in Sullivan County. They have a program where they make soup and then give it to homeless people. There is a food pantry, laundry center, and shelter with showers on the premises. There is also a clothing bank where you can get free school items like notebooks and uniforms.

The St Paul’s Episcopal Church food pantry is located at 161 E Ravine Rd in Kingsport, Tennessee. The main phone number for the church is (423) 245-5187.

The Central Baptist Church in Kingsport, Tennessee is located at 301 Carver Street and can be reached by phone at (423) 245-6978. The church offers delivery services for those who are home-bound. Food is delivered in bags, using a Meals on Wheels type service, on Saturdays only.

The Help and Hope Ministries in Kingsport, Tennessee provides support and resources for people in need. They can be contacted at (423) 246-2872 for more information.

The food pantry at First Baptist Church in Blountville is open on Mondays from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The Colonial Heights Christian Church helps the poor on Mondays only. It is necessary to make an appointment and leave a voice message. There is help available for non-perishable food, soup cans, and other items.

The Lifebridge Christian Church is located at 317 Donelson Dr, Kingsport, TN 37660. The church can be contacted at (423) 246-0005.

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High St. Urbana The First Christian Church is located at 106 E. High St. in Urbana. Does this place help with income taxes? If you need help carrying something, whether it’s a box of groceries, an Easter basket for a child, or a Thanksgiving turkey, there are people who can help you. In addition to providing medical care, the volunteers also engage in other social service activities.

The Sunnyside Baptist Church is located in Kingsport, Tennessee. The church has a mission center that helps the community. The church also has a program that helps with baptisms.

They are based out of Kingsport, but do much to help the people of Bluff City, Bristol, and Johnson City. The non-profit “Hunger First” is based out of Kingsport, Tennessee, but provides support to many towns and surrounding counties in Sullivan. They provide food assistance to people in Bluff City, Bristol, and Johnson City. In order to provide food for children, the elderly, disabled, and poor, there is a soup kitchen and food bank.

An affiliate of Feeding America that is responsible for a particular region also provides food for that region. Call (423) 279-0430. There are many other food banks in the area that provide food for hungry people, including a mobile food bank. USDA programs such as free school lunches or SNAP food stamps provide assistance to those in need.

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