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Free food pantries, groceries and soup kitchens in Idaho Falls and Bonneville County

There are food pantries in Idaho Falls that will give free groceries, food, and other supplies to low income families and those in an emergency. There are many locations in the greater Bonneville County area. The list below provides information on food banks and soup kitchens near you that can offer hot meals during holidays, canned groceries, free baby formula, diapers, and even hygiene supplies. The amount of assistance you get from the government depends on the program you are eligible for. If you need help with food, there are many programs that can help you. You can find more information and a referral number at the bottom of this page.

Call for hours and availability. If a pantry has enough donations and volunteers, it can give some or all of the following things to qualified clients.

Canned goods, including soup, canned meat, pasta, spaghetti sauce, and more. Free fresh food, including dairy, fruit, and vegetables. Baby formula for mothers, including single mothers, or ensure for senior citizens. Idaho Falls homebound residents can also apply for Meals on Wheels from an aging center. Holiday food boxes, which may include groceries, free turkeys at Thanksgiving, and other supplies.

The amount of resources given to families in Bonneville County will differ depending on the situation. The goal of a pantry, soup kitchen, or food bank is to provide help to anyone in need, regardless of their age, race, religion, or income.

The address of Christ’s Love Vineyard Church is 415 S 2nd Pocatello ID, 83201. The telephone number is 208-220-3113.

The Corner Stone Pentecostal Church is located on Cleveland Street in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The main phone number for the church is 208-529-1066.

The Salvation Army of Idaho Falls provides a variety of social services to the community. It is located at 605 N Blvd, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402. The telephone number is 208-522-7200. The food pantry has free groceries, baby formula, and more. In addition to Thanksgiving turkey dinners, Easter baskets, and hot meals at Christmas, Angel Tree also provides small gifts. The Salvation Army in Idaho Falls provides food assistance programs to help those in need. For more information, please visit their website or contact them directly.

This is a place where struggling, low income families can get free groceries, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and other items. The pantry may contain canned fruits, boxed pasta, cereal, rice, formula, and other items.

The Idaho Falls Rescue Mission is a location where many assistance programs are offered. The location is 840 Park Ave, Idaho Falls ID, 83402. The phone number is 208-552-5575. There is a place where the homeless can go to get a hot meal, a sleeping bag, and a hygiene kit. They can also get referrals to other places that can help them. Stop by for some groceries.

The Fort Hall Consumer Services is a call center that helps people in the Fort Hall area with any problems they might have.

The Idaho Foodbank Mana Food Pantry is a place where people in need can get items such as dry and canned goods, milk, paper products, canned vegetables and personal toiletries. The pantry is located at 211 S 45 W Idaho Falls ID, 83401 and the main phone number is 208-200-3950.

The Senior Citizens Community Center Inc. is a charity located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The main number for the center is 208-522-4357.

The Idaho Foodbank Warehouse can be found at 555 South 1st Ave.S in Pocatello, ID. The main phone number for the warehouse is 208-233-8811.

The Community Action Partnership is a non-profit organization that works to fight poverty. There is a place where you can get food and clothing if you need it. If you have a low income, you may be eligible for SNAP benefits, welfare, cash assistance, or LIHEAP. They work to reduce hunger, poverty, and unemployment in Bonneville County.

The Community Council of Idaho in Idaho Falls is located at 1349 S Hones Ave. The main phone number for the council is 208-524-0980.

The Ririe Senior Citizens Center is a place where seniors and disabled/homebound people can go. The location is 395 Main St, Ririe, ID, 83443. To contact them, call 208-538-7313. The programs offered in Bossier County include meal delivery for those who are homebound, free lunches and dinners at congregate sites, and a food pantry for emergency assistance.

However, if someone is in need of food outside of these hours, they are encouraged to call the church and speak with a staff member. The St. Vincent De Paul church in Idaho Falls is open from 9 am to 4 pm each day for food assistance. If someone needs help outside of these hours, they can call the church at 208-522-6280. They help those who are struggling to get food and resources. There are many options available to help pay for bills, including canned groceries and financial aid. Get free Thanksgiving or Christmas meals by signing up for a toy drive, winter clothes drive, or other holiday event.

Our city of refuge is a free food bank that provides food for those in need. Our location is 840 Park Ave in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Our telephone number is 208-552-5575.

Find more free food in Bonneville County near you

There are many other places where people in the Bossier County region can go to get food, such as feeding programs, soup kitchens, and food banks. For information and referrals, call 208.336.9643. You can get help from the government with food by applying for USDA commodities, free school lunches, and SNAP food stamps.

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